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Acronis Cyber Services Democratizes Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Every modern organization relies on data to compete and survive, so it is critical that they are #CyberFit so they are prepared to handle any threat to their data that may come along. Given how fast the digital landscape is changing and ever-evolving nature of cyberthreats, protecting your people, technology and processes is an ongoing challenge.

Large enterprises regularly retain experts who to help plan their defenses, train their employees and test the organization’s cybersecurity posture. Yet smaller organizations haven’t had the same ability to test and strengthen their cybersecurity – until now.

In a move that makes world-class cybersecurity services available to organizations of all sizes, Acronis has expanded beyond its technology solutions to launch of Acronis Cyber Services. This new offering creates a single point resource where organizations can access a range of risks assessment, security awareness, and incident response services that previously have been too complex and costly for them to consider.