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The Power of Professional Data Protection

Welcome to the new blog! Experts from Acronis and the IT industry will regularly publish a series of posts examining important topics in data protection and secure file sharing and synchronization. The power and importance of professional protection will be a recurring theme for future business and technical discussions about secure mobility, cloud, backup, and disaster recovery in real-world hybrid environments. At Acronis, we often talk a lot about our holistic approach to intuitive, secure products. This series will explore why they’re important and what professional-grade capabilities mean to people in their personal and business lives, telling their stories of protection and recovery.

How to Verify Your Data Backup Actually Worked

When a system crashes or an iPhone is stolen, that’s usually when someone grasps the importance of data backup. But just because someone is using Time Machine or iCloud as a backup method doesn’t necessarily mean all the data is protected. If the house is flooded or a large scale disaster occurs, all of that data could disappear. So how does a consumer know if the family photos, thousands of music files and other important documents are safe?

Break In a New PC with Seamless Data Migration

Congratulations, you got a new computer. Whether it’s a graduation present or the perk of a new job, the device gives you a clean slate. But what about all the documents, settings and applications stuck on your old machine?

Here are a few tips for safely moving files, best data migration software and configurations from an old PC to a new one.

Archive files you don’t need

New PCs present opportunities to de-clutter and organize all the files users haven’t touched for years. “Consider archiving them instead of putting them on your new machine,” software analyst Jill Duffy writes in PC Magazine. “Seeing as you've got that clean slate of a new computer, why not keep it clean?” Duffy recommends archiving any files older than three years.

Acronis True Image Makes TopTenReviews

Earlier this year, rated Acronis True Image a 9.9 out of 10 in their annual Data Backup Software Review. TopTenReviews verdict was, “Acronis True Image is among the top backup software options because it is simple to use and has a full range of backup and recovery tools.” Here, TopTenReviews discusses why Acronis True Image rated so highly and what organizations should keep in mind when selecting a data backup software solution. 

How Acronis True Image made