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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5 now generally available

Organizations and service providers looking to improve the performance, manageability, and availability to their data center may be interested to learn that Acronis launched Acronis Cyber Infrastructure version 3.5 is now generally available (GA).  

If you aren’t already familiar with it, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is our easy-to-use, reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient software-defined universal storage solution. I know that feels like a long description, but the product offers so many great benefits that it’s challenging to provide a short description.

Let’s take a look at this flexible software-defined infrastructure solution, which is a great foundation for building out a data center.

Innovate or Die: Key takeaways from the edge at Gartner’s Infrastructure and Operations Conference 2019

One of the highlights of Gartner’s recent Infrastructure and Operations Conference 2019 was the opening keynote. If I had to sum up what Gartner’s three expert presenters covered in three words they would be: “Innovate or die.”

Frankly, this is no big shock. Gartner (as well as IDC and Forrester) have been preaching about digital transformation for years – decades even. However, it is the accelerating pace of change that had everyone at IOCS 2019 really beating this “war drum” even louder and harder.

Acronis Earns on the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Datacenter Backup and Recovery Solutions

Acronis was honored to be featured in this year’s Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Datacenter Backup and Recovery Solutions.

Admittedly, we were disappointed to see our position on the quadrant – especially given our unique vision and successful practical execution of fusing cybersecurity with backup in order to establish a new standard of comprehensive protection: Cyber Protection.

Then again, visionaries and innovators rarely fit existing metrics – instead we influence the standards that drive the future of their industries.

Let’s take a moment to examine Acronis’ position in the Enterprise Backup and Recovery sector.

Healing Data Centers with Bare-Metal Recovery

Phew. The worst is over. You have identified, caught and dealt with the virus that threw you and your bosses out of the comfort zone for days. You have shut down all the affected servers – the data center is safe.

Like a soldier returning from a mission, you are dreaming of a peaceful rebuilding of everything that was lost. However, that is not what your bosses, your colleagues, and your company demand. They need the data center and all applications back. For them, the downtime is not over. Not yet.

So what do you do? You sigh and prepare for a long routine – install operating systems on each server, service packs, updates, drivers, applications, application updates, settings, etc. You know it will take many long hours, if not days to complete – and with number of affected servers, you are facing an uphill battle. You pray for luck that everything goes smoothly, and you do not have to restart from scratch any of the servers.

What IT Leaders Can Learn from Facebook's Extreme Data Center Test

Just because a system and its data are backed up doesn't mean the underlying data protection methods will work if something goes wrong. To find out, IT must verify that the systems are in place and function correctly. Facebook recently took that advice to the extreme by shutting down one of its data centers to test how the infrastructure and systems would perform. 

"This is tens of megawatts of power that basically we turned off for an entire day to test how our systems were going to actually respond," Jay Parikh, global head of engineering at Facebook, said at the @Scale Conference in San Francisco. 

The team's motivation for performing the tests was to learn to embrace failure and to react and recovery quickly, Parikh said. 

Exposing the Specter of ‘Shadow IT’

These days, consumers are bringing their own devices — and their own apps — to work. Sure, the consumerization of IT is not a new threat, but it’s one that many companies still struggle to contain.

While there are benefits to employees using tools they know and like, experts caution about the security and data protection downsides. Tech Page One writer Scott Koegler offers seven tips to control the “Shadow IT” menace, including:  

Data Creation All-Time High for World Cup 2014: Weekly Roundup

The World Cup kicked off this week with with a bang, promising more digital data creation than any other soccer event to date. Just a snapshot of World Cup data creation includes millions of social media updates from fans, 2,500 hours of camera recordings and a satellite network handling up to 100 megabits per second as viewers streaming the games online all over the world. Information about World Cup data creation and more in this week's roundup: 

Can the entire Internet be archived? The founder of the Wayback Machine, Brewster Kahle, is willing to bet that it can — but first, they'll need to locate an enormous amount of storage space. How much the Wayback Machine has archived and more cloud computing news from around the web in this week's roundup:  

The Wayback Machine Archives 4 Billion Webpages  

Good news, IT folks: Now is a great time to be in the IT business. With global IT spending expected to hit $3.8 trillion this year, IT pros are in high demand — especially those with BYOD chops. But don't think these jobs are the ticket to easy street. Here's a look at a few of the looming challenges highlighted on the web this week:

BYOD Skills: The Golden Ticket in IT