Data migration

Mozy customers want more than Carbonite

When Carbonite acquired Mozy for $145 million more than a year ago, the news understandably spooked many long-time Mozy customers and service provider partners. What would happen to their data? Would their costs increase? What kind of support could they expect?

Carbonite made a good show of trying to ease concerns, but communications were apparently less than ideal. Many Mozy users were surprised when Carbonite started being installed on their systems – and based on the reports we’ve been hearing from users and our managed service provider (MSPs) partners, the migration experience has not been smooth.

Since their backup solution is going to change regardless, now is a perfect time for former Mozy users to consider alternatives like Acronis, which offers several advantages over Carbonite. New Devices from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday has come and gone, and once today’s Cyber Monday 2018 is over, we will have survived the annual marketing onslaught of retailers once again. It’s interesting to see how the sales event has evolved during the past 15 years or so – what was once a one-day, post-Thanksgiving promotion has turn into a weeklong campaign that is the biggest driver of holiday sales -- especially for electronics and home tech.

No matter what day you got your new device, however, you’ll want to take a few steps to keep that device – and your data – protected.

Break In a New PC with Seamless Data Migration

Congratulations, you got a new computer. Whether it’s a graduation present or the perk of a new job, the device gives you a clean slate. But what about all the documents, settings and applications stuck on your old machine?

Here are a few tips for safely moving files, best data migration software and configurations from an old PC to a new one.

Archive files you don’t need

New PCs present opportunities to de-clutter and organize all the files users haven’t touched for years. “Consider archiving them instead of putting them on your new machine,” software analyst Jill Duffy writes in PC Magazine. “Seeing as you've got that clean slate of a new computer, why not keep it clean?” Duffy recommends archiving any files older than three years.