Introducing Acronis DeviceLock DLP 9.0

Insider negligence is responsible for a whopping 52% of all data breaches, with a further 17% due to malicious insider action, according to independent research from the Ponemon Institute. The average cost of insider-related incidents is now $11.45 million, having risen 31% over the last two years. When businesses don’t take steps to secure their systems and data from insider threats, their very livelihood is at tremendous risk.

Today, we’re announcing a significant update to Acronis DeviceLock DLP that will introduce new monitoring tools, analytic capabilities, and discovery support for additional workloads — improving our signature data loss prevention solution and further securing business-critical data from the most common form of cyberthreat: insider activity.

New capabilities for delivering the enhanced protection MSP clients need

The cyberthreat landscape continues to evolve on a daily basis – luckily, your cyber protection solution from Acronis continues to evolve as well. In February’s release of Acronis Cyber Cloud, we introduced numerous data protection and security enhancements to help you deliver cyber protection in an even more easy, efficient and secure way.

As a result of these updates, our MSP partners can now deliver enhanced cyber protection.

Acronis acquires DeviceLock - DLP leader

Acronis is constantly evolving and expanding our suite of cyber protection solution to meet an ever-changing threat landscape. Sometimes our evolution is facilitated through our own innovations. Other time, we see a vendor who already has an effective solution and consider acquiring them.

Today, we are announcing the latter with Acronis’ acquisition of DeviceLock, a leading provider of endpoint device/port control and data loss prevention (DLP) software for enterprises and government institutions around the world.