Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5 now generally available

Organizations and service providers looking to improve the performance, manageability, and availability to their data center may be interested to learn that Acronis launched Acronis Cyber Infrastructure version 3.5 is now generally available (GA).  

If you aren’t already familiar with it, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is our easy-to-use, reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient software-defined universal storage solution. I know that feels like a long description, but the product offers so many great benefits that it’s challenging to provide a short description.

Let’s take a look at this flexible software-defined infrastructure solution, which is a great foundation for building out a data center.

Innovate or Die: Key takeaways from the edge at Gartner’s Infrastructure and Operations Conference 2019

One of the highlights of Gartner’s recent Infrastructure and Operations Conference 2019 was the opening keynote. If I had to sum up what Gartner’s three expert presenters covered in three words they would be: “Innovate or die.”

Frankly, this is no big shock. Gartner (as well as IDC and Forrester) have been preaching about digital transformation for years – decades even. However, it is the accelerating pace of change that had everyone at IOCS 2019 really beating this “war drum” even louder and harder.