Enterprise Mobility

Whether you’re looking to put a mobility management solution in place for the first time, considering changing providers, or just looking for additional capabilities, there are many aspects to consider when choosing a mobility solution provider. As your usage of mobile technologies matures, you’ll likely move towards more specialized use cases and requirements that are topics for future discussion. Today we will review 5 general questions to ask when assessing the offerings of mobility solution providers.

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#WeekendWorkshop: Mobility and New Generation Protection

Data protection is becoming increasingly important and valuable to organizations. As some recent highly publicized news events demonstrated, companies without adequate data protection can seriously harm their reputation, competitiveness, and financial results. The introduction of mobile devices and the need to access data from these devices introduces a new set of challenges for the company and its IT department. Acronis Access Advanced is the solution.

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IT Teams Must Learn New Skills to Manage Mobility

Data protection is a challenge for many IT teams to handle these days because companies have more devices, operating systems and plans than they can keep up with. The majority of IT gurus specialize in handling PCs and servers, but new technologies like tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches require a new set of IT skills to ensure enterprise data is secure and understandable. 

Due to CIOs' growing need for mobility support, managed mobility services are in high demand among enterprise technology buyers, according to recent research from Gigaom. Corporate environments are no longer limited to desktops and laptops, so the tasks that CIOs (and their teams) must complete don't necessarily fall within their areas of expertise. 

Maximize Collaboration for a Mobile Workforce

Companies are awash in smartphones, tablets, Aircards and other mobile devices that promise to improve productivity and connect employees, whether they are across the office or across the world from each other. 

The advent of enterprise mobility has radically affected the way organizations conduct business. No matter whether you are talking to customers from markets as diverse as Pharma, Health, Financial, Education, Publishing, Advertising, Government, Legal, or service providers, it’s a fact that mobility is here to stay. But while it brings all kinds of benefits it also creates a new set of challenges.

Now organizations can be more productive than ever. CEOs can verify the latest contract while in the airport, researchers can work in the field and easily access all their data, and sales professionals can have access to the latest product presentations at any moment to lock in that big deal.

We’ve become far more productive and can even share synced files with teams distributed around the globe. However, this connectivity also raises flags about data security and how to prevent accidental leaks of sensitive files.

As organizations increase their use of mobile devices, it is becoming very apparent that the ability to access, sync and share content is a critical factor for their users. While many organizations have focused on MDM and the management and security of devices, organizations looking to the future are have content on their minds. How do we give mobile users secure access to content? How do we allow them to securely share content? How do we get them access anytime, anywhere and from any device? And how do we do all of this while addressing all of our security and management needs? How do you stay in control?

Acronis mobilEcho and activEcho do just that. They provide organizations, many in regulated industries, a comprehensive, secure solution for:

Acronis mobilEcho is a true business platform for the enterprise. mobilEcho enables employees to access, edit and create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pdfs and other files that reside on enterprise file servers, NAS and SharePoint files. And mobilEcho provides the enterprise with all the security and management capabilities to securely and seamlessly integrate it into your current environment.

We invite you to join our mobilEcho 4.5 live demo and webinar on September 24 at 10am EST/3:00pm GMT to hear about all the great new features in mobilEcho 4.5!

During this live event, you will see the latest features in Acronis mobilEcho and you will also have the opportunity to speak with the Acronis mobilEcho product manager, who can answer any questions you might have about the product.

The New Features of Acronis mobilEcho 4.5:

Making the Mobile Device a True Business Platform: Introducing the new mobilEcho

Three and a half years ago, Apple introduced the iPad and enterprise mobility took a giant leap forward. Up until that time mobile devices (mostly smartphones) were primarily for phone calls and emails, as far as the enterprise was concerned. But with a larger screen size, the iPad (and now other emerging tablets) expanded the idea of the mobile device as a content consumption tool. And enterprises started to take notice in other ways as well.


In a relatively short period of time, the enterprise mobility landscape has transformed from a world where a privileged circle of Blackberry users enjoyed access to their email and calendars, to an environment where the entire corporate population can take advantage of mobile access to a wide array of enterprise resources. Many of these employees are even providing their own smartphones or tablets, and are paying for their monthly service. Allowing these devices to be used to streamline tasks and enhance productivity is to the advantage of everyone.