Nemty ransomware analysis

We took a deep dive into the Nemty ransomware strain, a sophisticated new form of malware that's spreading via a fake PayPal website. Similar in some aspects to Buran and GandCrab ransomware strains, Nemty incorporates three distinct layers of encryption to lock down victim data. Learn how this threat to your system works and how Acronis can help you evade and overcome it.

GandCrab ransomware is ending after stealing millions

They say crime doesn’t pay, but clearly the architects behind GandCrab ransomware didn’t get that memo. They recently announced they were retiring thanks to the money they’ve made encrypting victims’ computers.

At the beginning of June, operators of the notorious GandCrab strain of ransomware announced that “all good things come to an end” and they are ceasing their operations.

Unfortunately the success they reported will likely provide a roadmap for other cybercriminals that will continue for a long time.