Health Management Technology

Coronavirus Will Increase Cyberattacks Against Healthcare

Criminal activity spikes during times of crises as cybercriminals try to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, today’s situation is no exception: most concerning is the vulnerability of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, where the systems that care for patients and lab work are often linked.

Acronis believes we have a responsibility to the public, so we need to warn everyone: we foresee a further increase in ransomware attacks targeting private and government hospital systems in the coming weeks.

What’s Your BYOD Prescription?

With 81 percent of employees bringing personal devices into the workplace, it is no secret that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has set up shop in the corner office of the enterprise. And, with 60 percent of physicians using their mobile phone in the workplace on a daily basis, BYOD has clearly already checked itself into the healthcare industry, as well.