incident reports

JBS attack shows the immense threat posed by ransomware

The world’s largest meat supplier, JBS, was forced to halt operations at many of its U.S. and Australian processing plants after a massive cyberattack. This activity threatened supply chains across the world, and resulted in an immediate rise in wholesale red meat prices.

This cyberattack, while notable in its own right, is also simply the latest example in a dangerous pattern of escalating ransomware hazards.

SolarWinds hackers launch new attacks, warns Microsoft

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has uncovered a wide-scale spear phishing campaign driven by Nobelium — the threat actors behind the recent SolarWinds attacks and the SUNBURST backdoor used in those strikes.

Nobelium continues its attacks on U.S. agencies and the private organizations in their sphere. The group managed to hijack an email distribution account used by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), sending thousands of authentic-looking but malware-laden messages to a variety of human rights groups, think tanks, and other organizations.

Darkside ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline cripples energy infrastructure

In the latest incident that illustrates the overlap of the traditional economy and infrastructure with the digital realities of modern business, one of the largest pipelines in the U.S. was forced to shut down this past weekend after being hit by a ransomware group.

Managed by Colonial Pipeline Co., the 5,500-mile pipeline runs across 14 states between Houston, TX and New York Harbor, and provides around 45% of all fuel for the U.S. East Coast.