Why Formula 1 Is Important, Even if You Are Not into Motorsports

For some, the beauty of Formula 1 is all about its sporting aspects. For others, it’s all about technology, the incredible innovation behind the world’s most technology-driven sport. But the reality is that you can’t separate the two. Formula 1 is at once about sport, technology and innovation. And what may seem like an expensive hobby for wealthy tinkerers and daring racers actually has a trickle-down effect on our everyday lives. Formula 1 is a massive research and development powerhouse. Technologies developed within the closed walls of F1 team factories find their way into other industries, making our lives simpler, safer and more efficient.

Here are a few obvious (and some not-so-obvious) examples of Formula 1 technology that has made its way into our everyday lives:

1. Tyres. Pirelli, the sole tyre supplier for all Formula 1 teams, has conducted an enormous amount of R&D over the years. The tyre technology developed for Formula 1 — soft tyres with more grip or hard tyres that last longer — is also used for road cars. If you have a set of Pirellis on your car outside, the Formula 1 technology has followed you home.

4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Mac Users Productive

For many marketing and creative professionals, preferred design tools are available exclusively on Macs. As a result, for these team members to deliver your web pages, online publications, print assets, and social media campaigns, they require Macs – no matter how Windows-based the rest of your IT environment is.

Yet IT professionals who work in modern, heterogeneous environments know that having multiple platforms in play can lead to inconsistent and insecure user experiences. You’ve probably heard all of the common complaints from Mac users: