Acronis acts quickly to counter MDS Vulnerabilities in Intel Processors

Last week it was revealed that certain Intel processors contain a new set of hardware vulnerabilities that enables “speculative execution attacks”. In these attacks, a malicious app or guest virtual machine gains access to the data stored inside CPU buffers – allowing hackers to bypass the security restrictions on the system.

The bad news: The researchers who found the MDS bug say it likely affects all Intel CPUs released since 2011 – and as a result, Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure could be exposed to an attack.

The good news: As soon as the problem was identified, Acronis immediately developed a fix so your data won’t be at risk once you’ve installed the update.

Acronis Storage

Every piece of data is required to be stored somewhere. We all know about hard drives, optical discs, tapes and other means of storage. But cloud storage and software-defined storage are the two modern methods of storing data, especially when we talk about large volumes. Acronis entered Software-Defined Storage (SDS) market in 2016, pioneering it with Blockchain based data verification. Acronis Storage is an SDS solution that allows service providers and end-users to quickly and easily transform heterogeneous hardware into protected, enterprise-grade, scalable storage to improve your total cost of ownership.