Mac backup

Acronis True Image 2018 - Update 2

Fans of Acronis True Image are getting an early holiday gift. That’s because we’ve just released Update 2, which is loaded with enhancements and new features that make the world’s number one personal backup software even better.

With Update 2, Acronis enhances your control and user experience, expands the capabilities when creating boot media, and ensures mobile data is safe and secure.

Protect your Mac from Ransomware

In the last couple of years, which will be remembered as the years of ransomware, we saw a lot of cases where individuals and companies were hit by this nasty type of malware. But ransomware was mainly targeting their Windows operating systems. This is wrong to think, however, that cybercriminals are only interested in Windows users: Mac users are in danger too.

Acronis True Image 2018 for Mac

Data protection is important regardless of your preferred platform. So while the launch of Acronis True Image 2018 is naturally going to attract attention from the PC crowd, we think it’s important to give a little love to Mac users.

After all, we have included a lot of new features specifically for Macs. The result? You can generate even more reliable backups, enjoy easier control, and secure your data against a brutal digital threat that’s increasingly targeting Macs.

Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look — Mac Backup

Acronis Backup 12 Closer Look — Mac Backup

Having spent more than quarter of a century in IT I have to admit that I am not a Mac user. Like many others, I have other Apple products, but I never used a Mac for a long period of time. My fingers are wired to use a 104-key PC keyboard, not the 78/109 keys of a Mac. I don’t have an idea what the “Command” key is, or what it does.

For sure, I am not alone. It’s no surprise that many other IT departments try to avoid doing anything on a Mac. They even go as far as “We do not support Macs” statement I’ve heard so often in many companies.

1,000 Memories in Your Pocket - How Are You Protecting Them?

According to a recent Acronis survey, a third of us have experienced some sort of data loss. However, 22% of us don’t backup our computers or mobile phones, at all.

We’ve all thought about what we’d grab from our house in case of a fire or natural disaster: photos, videos, important documents, and jewelry are probably at the top of your list. These physical objects are something we value a lot. The things we touch, see and feel everyday become an important part of our lives – so it’s natural to want to protect them.

Our digital data holds the same value. Thousands of pictures and videos, precious personal files and information, and important work now live in digital form on our mobile phones, tablets, and desktop and laptop computers. Today, our data is our life. 


How are you protecting your digital life?