Mac at Work

Apple in the Enterprise – The Mac is Back! Well, it Never Really Went Away

I recently caught this InfoWorld article on Macs in the enterprise. The article actually mentions Acronis’ newest offering to provide backup of Macs, but the broader point is about the increasing acceptance of Macs in the workplace. We have been involved in the Mac market (through our acquisition of GroupLogic) for over 10 years. Our ExtremeZ-IP® product is the premiere solution for providing seamless integration for Macs into enterprise server environments.

How to Back Up a Mac at Work

Do you ever ask yourself: "How can I backup a Mac at work?" In the past, most corporate IT departments did not really have to think about this. Macs used to be a rarity in corporate IT. But now that the executive adoption of Apple products has finally broken down the protective walls of corporate IT standards, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is the new rule of the land, things have changed significantly. A growing number of companies offer employees the option to choose an Apple laptop as the machine provided for work or alternatively to bring their own Mac. Consequently, IT departments are confronted with an expanding ingress of Mac clients into their world, previously existing more or less peacefully under the rule of Microsoft.