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iOS 13 upgrade - back up before you update

Now that the calendar says September, it is time once again for Apple to release their new iPhone – and loyal customers are anxiously awaiting the September 10 release of the iPhone 11. And while the launch of new products is always exciting, the crew at Cupertino is probably particularly happy to talk about their new product instead of the security concerns that dogged them in August.

The official release of iOS 13 is expected in the next few days. Before you upgrade, however, remember that the experts all agree that you should back up your mobile data before you run a system upgrade.

WhatsApp gets hacked by spyware

Time to update. WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, is racing to close a security flaw that could give hackers access to sensitive personal data and real-time communications.

This particular type of attack is dangerous because the spyware is activated regardless of whether or not WhatsApp users answer the call. Once infected, attackers can access, modify, and sell all the personal data stored on your phone or take over control of the microphone and camera. 

Here's the latest and a few tips that will help minimize the threat in the future. New Devices from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday has come and gone, and once today’s Cyber Monday 2018 is over, we will have survived the annual marketing onslaught of retailers once again. It’s interesting to see how the sales event has evolved during the past 15 years or so – what was once a one-day, post-Thanksgiving promotion has turn into a weeklong campaign that is the biggest driver of holiday sales -- especially for electronics and home tech.

No matter what day you got your new device, however, you’ll want to take a few steps to keep that device – and your data – protected.

Meet the World-class Stars of the Data Protection Team

Meet the World-class Stars of the Data Protection Team

With just one match to go, getting tickets to the cup championship in Russia this Sunday is as difficult as blocking a shot by Harry Kane. Whether you're hoping to catch a French win or want the English team to "take it home" if you’re at the event you know that your digital media will be your record of the festivities.

With mobile devices becoming a new attack vector, fans need to secure all their information with an artificial intelligence based data protection option that rivals the top players who appeared in the 2018 tournament.

Acronis True Image 2018 - Update 2

Fans of Acronis True Image are getting an early holiday gift. That’s because we’ve just released Update 2, which is loaded with enhancements and new features that make the world’s number one personal backup software even better.

With Update 2, Acronis enhances your control and user experience, expands the capabilities when creating boot media, and ensures mobile data is safe and secure.

How to free up space on smartphone

Remember “The Best Camera Is The One That's With You” from a visionary photographer Chase Jarvis? In this beautiful photographic journal covering a year in his life, Jarvis underscores the idea that an inspiring moment can be captured by any camera, even a mobile phone.

This trend is in full swing. More than a third of the world’s population now own a smartphone, which means 2.2 billion people will be capturing their inspiring moments with a mobile phone this year. In fact, market research firm InfoTrends says that 85 percent of the 1.2 trillion new photos projected for 2017 will be taken on smartphones.

This week, many of those images will be capturing the excitement of the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. If the turnout is similar to 2016, more than 250 thousand people will bring their smartphones to the Circuit of the Americas this weekend, looking for a perfect shot of their favorite driver, team car, or attending celebrity.

Mobile Backup to NAS

Most people want data protection to be as simple as possible: either so easy that it becomes an instinctive habit or, even better, completely automated so you don’t have to think about it at all.

When it comes to backing up the data on your family’s smartphones and tablets, Acronis True Image 2018 has you covered. In fact, we’ve made mobile backup so easy that all you have to do is come home and you’ll automatically back up via Wi-Fi to your PC, Mac and now NAS.  

Move Data from Android to iPhone

If you need to transfer data from one smartphone to another, try Acronis True Image. Just install, run a backup on one device and restore it on the other. The entire process is transparent and you’ll even be able to select what photos, videos (and other data) to restore. There are no surprises and you’ll see exactly what happens during this process.

Protecting Corporate Mobile Devices with Acronis Backup 12

Protecting Corporate Mobile Devices with Acronis Backup 12

Recently I wrote few articles about different environments where corporate data is stored, and why it is important to back up everything — your physical servers, virtual systems, cloud accounts, Windows and Mac.

There is another, often overlooked, area where a lot of important corporate data is stored – corporate mobile devices.

// to iPhone Migration — the Easy Way!

It’s two months since Apple released iPhone 7 and millions of people around the world have already migrated data from their old iPhones to new. For some it was easy. For others, it would have been a daunting task — visits to the Apple Store, asking for help, and so on. What was your experience? Did you migrate data from one device to another with the help of a backup or did everything manually bit by bit?

There is an easy way to move data from one iPhone to another with Acronis True Image mobile backup. Here is my first-hand account of how I helped my mother.