Mobile File Management

If you read my previous entry, you could tell that I’m all about talking to customers in IT first, then putting my head down to deliver what Enterprise IT groups are demanding in terms of control, security, management and visibility.

But as in any good product, management is only one half of the story. The other half is all about the product’s users. 

From conversations with clients, it’s apparent that mobile users everywhere are depending on one or more devices to do their jobs. They work from home, a cafe, at a client’s location or out in the field. Simply speaking, they are not tied to a desk from 9 to 5 anymore. And if companies want the same or higher levels of productivity, they need to give their employees access to documents, no matter where they are, no matter what device they use, 24x7. 

No Rest for the Wicked! Mobility Goes Global, MobileIron and Other Good Stuff!

We’ve had a couple of busy weeks in mobility. We had two regional launches of mobilEcho and activEcho – one in Munich, Germany and the other one in Tokyo, Japan. Both of these speak to the global nature of the customer problems we are trying to solve with our mobilEcho and activEcho solutions – how do mobile workers safely access corporate content on their mobile devices, how do employees securely share and collaborate and files, and how do they get access to all their files across all their devices? This is what we do! Said more simply, we provide every time, everywhere access, sharing and syncing of the critical data that drives your enterprise. And, like I said, these are universal problems that cut across almost all vertical markets and job roles.