Mobile security

Three Reasons Why Mobility Overwhelms SMBs

Companies of all sizes are facing the demand of two popular employee trends – the want to use personal devices at work and the desire to work remotely. These trends are prompting many employers to implement mobility features that will embrace data across any and every device within their organizations. 
While mobility is a game changer regarding real-time collaboration and productivity for companies of all sizes, SMBs are at a disadvantage with budget limitations and often limited to no on-site IT departments. 

Defense Against Cybersecurity Risks

Mobile technology has enabled small businesses to flourish over the past few years, but also generated a new set of cybersecurity risks. As small businesses do more and more business online with cloud services that sorely lack sufficient security protocols, they become ideal targets to hackers. Inc. described the problem thus: “To the hacker, that translates into reams of sensitive data behind a door with an easy lock to pick.”

Acronis provides an answer for secure data mobility for small businesses: Acronis Access 7. With Acronis Access 7, small businesses can grant their team access to important files and documents from any device wherever they are while providing an unparalleled level of security. Key features include:

If you read my previous entry, you could tell that I’m all about talking to customers in IT first, then putting my head down to deliver what Enterprise IT groups are demanding in terms of control, security, management and visibility.

But as in any good product, management is only one half of the story. The other half is all about the product’s users. 

From conversations with clients, it’s apparent that mobile users everywhere are depending on one or more devices to do their jobs. They work from home, a cafe, at a client’s location or out in the field. Simply speaking, they are not tied to a desk from 9 to 5 anymore. And if companies want the same or higher levels of productivity, they need to give their employees access to documents, no matter where they are, no matter what device they use, 24x7.