As organizations increase their use of mobile devices, it is becoming very apparent that the ability to access, sync and share content is a critical factor for their users. While many organizations have focused on MDM and the management and security of devices, organizations looking to the future are have content on their minds. How do we give mobile users secure access to content? How do we allow them to securely share content? How do we get them access anytime, anywhere and from any device? And how do we do all of this while addressing all of our security and management needs? How do you stay in control?

Acronis mobilEcho and activEcho do just that. They provide organizations, many in regulated industries, a comprehensive, secure solution for:

Acronis mobilEcho is a true business platform for the enterprise. mobilEcho enables employees to access, edit and create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pdfs and other files that reside on enterprise file servers, NAS and SharePoint files. And mobilEcho provides the enterprise with all the security and management capabilities to securely and seamlessly integrate it into your current environment.

We invite you to join our mobilEcho 4.5 live demo and webinar on September 24 at 10am EST/3:00pm GMT to hear about all the great new features in mobilEcho 4.5!

During this live event, you will see the latest features in Acronis mobilEcho and you will also have the opportunity to speak with the Acronis mobilEcho product manager, who can answer any questions you might have about the product.

The New Features of Acronis mobilEcho 4.5:

Making the Mobile Device a True Business Platform: Introducing the new mobilEcho

Three and a half years ago, Apple introduced the iPad and enterprise mobility took a giant leap forward. Up until that time mobile devices (mostly smartphones) were primarily for phone calls and emails, as far as the enterprise was concerned. But with a larger screen size, the iPad (and now other emerging tablets) expanded the idea of the mobile device as a content consumption tool. And enterprises started to take notice in other ways as well.

Difficult Made Simple: BYOD

In this modern computing world with multitudes of various trends and innovations, we sometimes find ourselves lost in between new technologies, terminologies and words.Why do we tend to make things more difficult than they have to be? That was my thought when I started a set of blog posts describing the new computing trends in a simple way. Here is another trend that I would like to simplify – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

BYOD is a policy permitting employees to bring personally-owned mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets or laptops, to their workplace to use for business purposes. By 2017 Gartner predicts that half of all companies will actually require employees to use their mobile devices for work.

Let’s start with the quick analogy to simplify the BYOD concept:

The BYOD Balancing Act

With Gartner expecting the mobile device management (MDM) market to be worth $1.6 billion by 2014, it’s obvious that the industry has become very prominent. But, the MDM market is still evolving at a feverish pace. Just take a look at the average employee’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) habits. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are all part of one big mix during the work day. Thanks to the growth and of mobile devices and the emergence of more mobility apps  the needs of the mobile enterprise and their users is quickly evolving from being device-centric to being data-centric.

Today we announced a new relationship with Citrix! We are now a Citrix Ready Worx Verified partner with the integration of our secure mobile file management software, mobilEcho, into the Citrix Ready Worx Verified program.

No Rest for the Wicked! Mobility Goes Global, MobileIron and Other Good Stuff!

We’ve had a couple of busy weeks in mobility. We had two regional launches of mobilEcho and activEcho – one in Munich, Germany and the other one in Tokyo, Japan. Both of these speak to the global nature of the customer problems we are trying to solve with our mobilEcho and activEcho solutions – how do mobile workers safely access corporate content on their mobile devices, how do employees securely share and collaborate and files, and how do they get access to all their files across all their devices? This is what we do! Said more simply, we provide every time, everywhere access, sharing and syncing of the critical data that drives your enterprise. And, like I said, these are universal problems that cut across almost all vertical markets and job roles.