Today’s countless mobile devices present tangible opportunities to drive measurable and substantial value for the enterprise. Field service workers, executives on the go, sales reps, and project managers all have a need for mobile access to email, applications, enterprise data and files. There’s no question that the advent of the iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices brings substantial benefits to the enterprise. However, these benefits also come with new security risks that enterprise IT departments must be ever vigilant about, lest critical data be compromised.

In addition to escalating mobile device use, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend in the workplace continues to grow. While this trend is an incredible boon for employee satisfaction, as well as enterprise productivity and IT-cost savings when it comes to hardware, service and support, it presents additional challenges on top of those inherent to mobile devices.

Five Predictions for Enterprise Mobility this Year

The enterprise mobility space is a fast-moving market. Probably faster than any other we have seen before in the technology industry. Over the last two to three years it has really heated up: As the Apple iPad was introduced, we’ve had a strong battle between Apple and Android versions, and more recently the introduction of the Microsoft mobility products. The year 2013 will certainly bring even more exciting developments.

Here are five things that we expect to see this year: