MSPs at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit is nearly here! Learn what the world’s largest gathering of cyber protection professionals has to offer your managed service provider business and how to register today!

Acronis Cyber Services Democratizes Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Every modern organization relies on data to compete and survive, so it is critical that they are #CyberFit so they are prepared to handle any threat to their data that may come along. Given how fast the digital landscape is changing and ever-evolving nature of cyberthreats, protecting your people, technology and processes is an ongoing challenge.

Large enterprises regularly retain experts who to help plan their defenses, train their employees and test the organization’s cybersecurity posture. Yet smaller organizations haven’t had the same ability to test and strengthen their cybersecurity – until now.

In a move that makes world-class cybersecurity services available to organizations of all sizes, Acronis has expanded beyond its technology solutions to launch of Acronis Cyber Services. This new offering creates a single point resource where organizations can access a range of risks assessment, security awareness, and incident response services that previously have been too complex and costly for them to consider.


CrashPlan by Code42 deletes customer backup historyA new round of backup file exclusions and backup deletions leaves CrashPlan’s SMB customers unable to protect their business-critical data – and looking for a new backup and recovery service.


Acronis Now Offers Backup for G Suite and Cryptomining Protection for Businesses

With two newly released updates, Acronis takes its cyber protection capabilities for businesses to an exciting new level, allowing IT pros and business managers to focus on other priorities and rest even easier knowing their data is safe. The latest updates add integrated G Suite protection to Acronis’ existing backup and recovery services for more than 20+ platforms, plus built-in protection against cryptojacking, one of the fastest-growing malware threats.

Let’s take a closer look at how Acronis strengthened its cyber protection capabilities for businesses that take advantage of Acronis’ cloud offerings, Acronis Backup Service and Acronis Backup Cloud.

Celebrating Advanced Tech and the Differentiation Paradox at CloudFest 2019

There’s no doubt businesses increasingly view the cloud as an agile, efficient way to manage their IT needs: 58 percent are moving toward a hybrid IT environment and another 18 percent are looking to move completely to the cloud (per 451 Research). This means that managed service providers (MSPs) need the right tools to stay in the game – and ahead of the competition – to facilitate this process for customers and capture some of the projected $186.4 billion cloud computing market.

Next week at CloudFest 2019, Acronis will join 7,000 global cloud, hosting, and service provider industry pros to share IT solutions that enable MSPs to solve pressing, complex customer problems. Here’s a preview of what will be top-of-mind at Acronis’ CloudFest booth #F04.

With the introduction of Acronis Software Defined Infrastructure 2.5 (formerly Acronis Storage) and the Acronis SDI Appliance, Acronis builds on its 15-year history as a trusted cyber protection partner (today storing over 200PB of user’s data in Acronis-operated data centers) to meet the needs of customers with varying and evolving needs. That is, given increased computing and data storage on edge devices today, both a universal and scalable software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solution is necessary to meets the rising demand for secure edge solutions.

Now MSPs and enterprises have access to Acronis’ solution, which not only enhances HCI with security but also delivers the number one choice for edge and edge-like workloads. 

We recently asked our cloud partners what was on their 2019 wish list for support – what they needed most to realize new success. The overwhelming reply: Help in knowing how to better market their services. 

As a result, we created a comprehensive Acronis MSP Marketing Guide to help service providers boost their business with greater ease. Here’s a quick preview of what it covers.