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Channel Strong in Maryland: Everybody needs a pick-me-up

Our Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour rolled up to Dynamic Network Solutions – our fantastic hosts in Maryland – earlier today for a great lunchtime tailgate, complete with a catered menu of both breakfast and lunch items, drinks, and games.

The Dynamic Network Solutions team was super busy inside at their help desk and network operations center (NOC), but they managed to come join us for a while, enjoy a bite, and whet their whistle quickly before getting back to work supporting their clients.

Clearly business is good here in Maryland!

Channel Strong in Charlotte: Ready for remote work

Charlotte showed up strong today and came out for a little food and fun in the sun as our Channel Strong: Positive Vibe Tour rolled into town. I’ll admit that the sun was a welcome change after our fantastic-but-rainy visits to Atlanta and Orlando.

Our gracious host in Charlotte was Joseph Atkins, the founder of SeedSpark. SeedSpark is MSP here and a recent Inc. 500 award recipient. The company’s 45-person team came out to join us for our event.

Channel Strong in Atlanta: Weathering the storm

The second stop of this week’s leg of the Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour brought us into Atlanta, GA. The only downside is rainstorms rolled into town with us, which caused a bit of a wet experience.

Even though it rained the whole time, we had a good turn out and a lot of fun. As they say in the theater, “the show must go on!”

Channel Strong in Orlando: Seeing familiar faces in The City Beautiful

We’re back on the road for our last week of the Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour and we started Week Three of our 7,000-mile journey in sunny Orlando, FL.

We popped up our tailgate event on Monday and, after this whirlwind tour, we’ve got the whole set-up and tear-down routine down to a science. It used to take us a good hour to set up, but now we can get everything ready in 15 minutes and tear down in 10. Talk about operational efficiency!

Channel Strong Week 2

Well Texas, it’s been a great week! You’ve been hit hard by the pandemic, but your goodwill is evident as you help your neighbors, help your friends, and help your small business clients. 

As the Channel Strong Positive Vibes Tour wrapped up its second week, the sense of community and excitement we saw was nothing short of amazing. Before the bus gets too far away from a wi-fi signal, I wanted to share some of the best conversations I had during our stops in the great cities of Houston, San Antonio, and Ft. Forth. 


Channel Strong in Houston: The tools were ready, we just needed to activate them

We’ve kicked off the second week of the Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour, and as we restart the roadshow in Houston, it’s striking how resilient the MSP Channel really is. As I reflect on our conversations in each city, I am constantly reminded how positive, helpful, tough, and creative our channel friends really are.

Channel Strong Tour rolls into Temecula

To wrap up week one of the Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour, we had a fantastic time in Temecula with our hosts, Mythos Technology. After our stop in Tempe, with it 117-degree heat, somehow Temecula didn’t feel so hot.

Channel Strong in Denver: The Positive Vibes Tour rolls on

Iconic might just be the word for the stop on our Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour made in Denver today. Not just because we had super-awesome hosts, but because we had such a great event.

In the spirit of community support, we were able to collect a lot more food for the food bank, but unlike yesterday’s stop in Kansas City, today’s donations included pet food. That’s something I never even would have thought about. Our tour partners PAX8 brought in a few carloads of food too!

In addition to the food collection, today’s stop enabled us to give a boost to two downtown small businesses who’ve been hit hard by the lockdown.

Channel Strong in Kansas City: Local support means many things

Our Channel Strong: Positive Vibes Tour keeps rolling down the road, and the Kansas City stop at Blue Tree Technology was an extremely fun event.

We got to meet our hosts, the Blue Tree team, and tour their office – with each member of the Channel Strong group visiting the office one person at a time. Blue Tree has a great business right in the heart of Kansas City servicing small- and medium-sized businesses in the greater KC area.

Channel Strong in Chicago: Talking MSP vs MssP

Day one of the Channel Strong: Positive Vibe Tour is in the bag! We met with awesome partners and enjoyed the tremendous hosting of Lori Tisinai outside on the docks at the Chicago Yacht Club. We ate, we drank, and we had great conversations while socially distancing and enjoying how fantastic it felt to be out – and together!

We talked a little nerd, met new MSPs, and learned new things about how real MSPs are currently running their businesses.