natural disaster

Disaster recovery planning

Get ready for a stunning statistic. A report from Deloitte determined that all but 10% of businesses will fail without a disaster recovery plan in place. What’s more amazing is that 75% of all small businesses don’t have any disaster recovery plan. Perhaps these business owners see headlines about natural disasters and catastrophic downtime and – in misguided denial – think, “It won’t happen to me.”

Since not everyone could be among the more than 1,000 IT pros and business owners who attended the Disaster Recovery Journal fall conference this week, we thought it would be a good opportunity to review the basics of modern disaster recovery planning.

After all, it’s never too late to get serious about the threats that are out there and always a good time to plan for the worst.

flooded businesses

For businesses, preparing for a flood (or any natural disaster) is not something that should be left to the last minute. Fortunately, there are a few established business and data protection strategies that companies should take to protect their businesses and their businesses precious data from this flood and those that will follow: