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Defending against supply chain attacks like the SolarWinds breach

The success of the massive SolarWinds supply-chain attack presents an urgent new cybersecurity challenge to every business. We plumb the tactics used in the SolarWinds breach and show how Acronis defends against it and similar attacks.

Building a better UX: How Acronis designs for success

Building a better UX: How Acronis designs for success

Vitruvius, the ancient Roman architect and engineer, famously said that good design embodied firmitas, utilitas, and venustas — strength, utility, and beauty. In designing a good user experience, software companies need an interface that operates reliably, solves users’ problems, and is aesthetically pleasing.

To meet the specific goal of utility, Acronis’ product design draws on conversations with our users, ensuring that we understand the problems they’re facing every day — especially the problems that aren’t being addressed by their current tools.

Acronis Cyber Platform #CyberFit Workload Bounty Program

Today we are announcing the Acronis Cyber Platform #CyberFit Workload Bounty Program – an initiative centered on our commitment to provide developers, ISVs, service providers, and OEMs programs that will drive greater cyber protection across more applications and systems.

The Acronis Cyber Platform #CyberFit Workload Bounty Program aims to encourage organizations to develop and integrate the kind of native cyber protection solutions needed to meet the current explosion in data volumes and data sources – all of which needs protection.

CloudLinux Backup

There’s strength in numbers, which is why so many techies enjoy working with collaborative, open-source systems like Linux. Bouncing a good idea between several people can usually improve it more quickly than if one person had to refine it on their own.

The same can be true for a company that’s looking to enhance its offering. Sometimes getting to the next level means developing an alliance that will allow the company to leapfrog what they otherwise would have had to spend time and resources developing independently.

Recently, CloudLinux found it was ready to take another big step to improve its offerings and determined that the right partner could add even more value. Let’s take a look.