school building

Serguei Beloussov speaking at the Acronis Cyber Foundation Charity Reception

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit has offered a wide variety of new opportunities and experiences for the cyber protection community – innovative product announcements, inspiring speeches, and insightful panels of experts. But amidst all these crucial takeaways came an inspiring moment when the cyber protection community could give back.

Last night, the Acronis Cyber Foundation held an exclusive Charity Reception and, through the generous donations of the hundreds who attended and offered support online, raised more than $30,000. All of these funds will be used to finance the construction of a new school in Nicaragua – creating an opportunity that will change the lives of children who desperately need it.

Acronis Foundation starts building a school in Senegal

In November 2018, the Acronis Foundation partnered with the non-profit buildOn to send a group of Acronis employees on a buildOn Trek experience to build a new school in Soupa Serere, Senegal. Of the 200 Acronis employees who volunteered to participate, 20 applicants from countries around the world were selected to represent Acronis in Senegal. They spent two weeks in Soupa Serere, working on the construction site together with the local population, playing with community children, teaching them English, and learning more about their educational needs.

This trek became a meaningful experience both for Acronis employees and the local population.

Cambodian children at their new school, built by the Acronis Foundation

As 2018 comes to a close, the Acronis Foundation has completed construction on a new school in the remote village of Prei Changha, Cambodia, near the border of Thailand. This is the third school built by the Foundation’s Schools Initiative in 2018 – along with schools in Myanmar and Tanzania – which illustrates the organization’s commitment to creating, spreading, and protecting knowledge around the world.

Acronis Foundation opens new school for 500 students in Tanzania

In its continuing mission to spread and protect knowledge around the world, the Acronis Foundation marked a new milestone last week by opening a school in the small village of Loongung, Tanzania. The new school, which was built in partnership with the local community and the German-based non-profit Fly & Help, will provide more than 500 children with access to education.

While Acronis funded the school and it was constructed in partnership between the Acronis Foundation and Fly & Help, ensuring the villagers retained total control over their children’s education was of the utmost importance. That is why the school building has been donated to Loongung with no strings attached.