Single-Pass Backup

We often find ourselves lost in translation when it comes to the current trendy computing world full of innovations and breakthrough technologies. We use new words and terminology that make computing life even more difficult than it truly is. 

More than six months ago, I started a series of blog posts simply describing new computing trends and technologies and I don’t want to stop. Here is another technology that I would like to simplify – Single-Pass Backup.

Technology Spotlight: Single-Pass Backup

Acronis has recently released  another module for Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced Platform, a module to support Microsoft SQL Server backup. From now on, the previous version of Microsoft SQL backup application has retired, and the SQL support has moved into the Acronis Backup & Recovery platform solution.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it is an important step for us at Acronis. In fact, this module is the first one built on the entirely new framework called single-pass backup.