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SMBs face cybersecurity challenges post-pandemic

After a year of struggling to adapt to the pandemic-driven shift to remote work, rapid SaaS application adoption, and an FBI-documented 300% increase in cybersecurity attacks, small and mid-sized business (SMB) tech leaders and advisors are looking ahead with relief to a return to relative normalcy. But certain challenges are expected to remain, especially in light of their paltry budgets. In fact, Untangle’s 2020 SMB IT Security Report notes that 39% of SMBs are still investing less than $1,000 per year on IT security.

Our recent panel-driven virtual conference, A New Playbook to Protect Your Users from Cyberthreats in 2021, examined how small-business IT managers anticipate that many changes wrought by the pandemic will have lasting effects on their cybersecurity strategies.

Acronis #CyberFit Financing connects small businesses to COVID-19 funds

The COVID-19 pandemic is foremost a medical challenge, but the impact that social distancing and self-isolation are having on small businesses can’t be ignored. With countless small businesses relying on Acronis solutions and so many service providers themselves small businesses, we are acutely aware of how the steps needed to contain the virus are also severely affecting our customers, our partners, and the clients they serve.

In response, we are partnering with lenders from around the globe to launch Acronis #CyberFit Financing to provide a much-needed financial safety net.

CrashPlan by Code42 deletes customer backup historyA new round of backup file exclusions and backup deletions leaves CrashPlan’s SMB customers unable to protect their business-critical data – and looking for a new backup and recovery service.

2017 – A Year of Protecting Your Small Business Data

2017 – A Year of Protecting Your Small Business Data

Happy New Year! Your small business is entering the New Year with good growth plans. You plan to open a new shop, outlet, double production capacity and hire new help. You have customers lined up, partners ready to help, and suppliers ready to support you.

Stay safe and protect all your data – servers, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and cloud accounts. This may look like a daunting task, but it’s easy with a great solution like Acronis Backup 12.