2017 – A Year of Protecting Your Small Business Data

2017 – A Year of Protecting Your Small Business Data

Happy New Year! Your small business is entering the New Year with good growth plans. You plan to open a new shop, outlet, double production capacity and hire new help. You have customers lined up, partners ready to help, and suppliers ready to support you.

Stay safe and protect all your data – servers, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and cloud accounts. This may look like a daunting task, but it’s easy with a great solution like Acronis Backup 12.

It’s a fact that Macs have gained a lot of traction in SMBs and enterprises over the past few years. You cannot deny it: Employees love their Macs. Why? Macs are especially good at certain tasks like design, creative services, and production. They are easy to use and reliable with more and more employees that use Apple devices in their personal lives asking to use them at work. And of course, they are cool.


As the survey below shows, employee preference is the top reason why companies support Macs. While employee satisfaction is no doubt a key driver, there are many other factors that need to be taken into account by IT to support the “Mac invasion” as some people refer to it.



Protecting Data in Hybrid Virtual and Physical Environments

Virtualization is rapidly becoming the norm in small to medium-size IT environments, with solutions like VMware vSphere®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix® XenServer®, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, Linux KVM, and Oracle® VM Server. According to the Acronis / IDC Disaster Recovery Survey released in May of 2014, 61 percent of SMBs use virtual technologies, 79 percent use physical servers and 48 percent of the respondents have a new generation environment consisting of both virtual and physical servers. We call this a hybrid environment.

Three Reasons Why Mobility Overwhelms SMBs

Companies of all sizes are facing the demand of two popular employee trends – the want to use personal devices at work and the desire to work remotely. These trends are prompting many employers to implement mobility features that will embrace data across any and every device within their organizations. 
While mobility is a game changer regarding real-time collaboration and productivity for companies of all sizes, SMBs are at a disadvantage with budget limitations and often limited to no on-site IT departments. 

Acronis ExtremeZ-IP: Fast File Search and Sharing in Any Environment

Increased Mac adoption in the enterprise has challenged IT departments to solve the incompatibility issues in Windows-based environments. Acronis recently released ExtremeZ-IP 9.0, the latest version of its software to solve those problems and provide users with a seamless experience.

Here, Brian Ulmer, product management director at Acronis, explains the challenges that ExtremeZ-IP solves and shares the new features for enhanced content indexing and search that are now available: 

Virtualization technology is all the rage — and not just for big business. With small and medium-sized businesses alone shelling out an estimated $1.2 billion a year on virtualization, here's a look at the latest insights into how virtualization bolsters any business:  

1. Spending Too Much on Storage Hardware? Flash Virtualization Can Help 

7 Predictions for Virtualization in 2014

In 2010, IDC forecasted that by 2014, 70 percent of all servers would become virtual