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Weekly Tech Roundup: December 5

Weekly Tech Roundup: December 5

December is here, and alongside online shopping and holiday music, the new month is bringing with it a whole new round of big tech headlines. From new tactics in cybercrime, to ambiguous privacy laws, it can seem like the IT world is getting darker by the minute. But with these stories, also come stories of innovation, emerging trends, and futuristic exploration. And luckily, we’ve searched through these headlines, getting you the tech news we know you want to read.

Weekly Tech Roundup — November 21

With a news cycle that is constantly churning out content, it might seem impossible to stay up-to-date. Whether you’re wondering about the emerging innovations in blockchain technology, the increasing deviousness of ransomware infections, or the secrecy of major tech corporations—we’ve got you covered.

What did you miss in tech this week?

Weekly Tech Roundup — November 14

In a week that the US Presidential election dominated the headlines, it can be easy to overlook important stories and emerging trends in information technology. Here are a few bellwether IT stories on tech topics that Acronis followed for you: on data protection in the era of the Internet of Things, ongoing growth in the cloud services and software-defined storage markets, and the continued proliferation of the virulent malware threat that is ransomware.

Data Protection and the Internet of Things (IoT)

There are calls for more widespread data protection measures to ensure the digital security of IoT devices. Globally, apps and devices hold a lot of personal data, so it’s vital to have a plan to protect this information.

Universal Software-Defined Storage (SDS) – A Better Way to Manage Your Storage Infrastructure

What is SDS? So, just what we need, another acronym.  Right? But what we do need is a way to manage storage software separately from the underlying hardware. That’s SDS — Software Defined Storage.  

It’s a relatively new term that is being bandied about a lot lately, and not everyone uses it exactly the same. However, the simplest and most basic definition is that SDS decouples storage software from the hardware where data lives to achieve continuous availability, faster performance, higher efficiency, unlimited scalability, and reduced costs.