7 Predictions for Virtualization in 2014

In 2010, IDC forecasted that by 2014, 70 percent of all servers would become virtual

What VDI Solutions Are Overlooking in a BYOD World

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has been around for years, but the high cost of deployment and issues of scale and performance have traditionally kept most small and mid-size enterprises from adopting the technology. But, the recent boom in mobile technology – along with dramatic improvements in VDI – has changed the landscape a bit. With BYOD becoming more prevalent, some are pushing VDI as a solution to access their work “computer” from any device and any location.  

VDI has become a popular platform among IT teams trying to better centralize and manage this new diversity of devices, but will employees really use it or will they hop onto the next big thing as soon as it’s available? Is VDI technology a final solution or just a means to the end for workers wanting to achieve a more seamless and productive experience?

What Workers Want