Acronis Backup Solutions for VMware Deployments – A Modern Approach with 15-Second RTOs

VMware’s annual conference, VMworld, is underway with thousands of IT professionals gathering in San Francisco to share and discuss the innovations that help businesses deliver speed, flexibility, and security to meet modern IT demands.

Learn how Acronis backup solutions fit into this conversation and pave the way for organizations increasingly shifting to the cloud to succeed.

3 Mistakes you Made at VMworld in Barcelona

We know how sad it is but VMworld is over and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Wait, actually, we can do at least one thing: stop and ask ourselves a question: Was VMworld 2013 the best VMworld ever? 

If the answer is yes, you can be proud of yourself and of the preparations your great VMworld team did for the event. If the answer is no, you should probably ask yourself – what went wrong? Don't bother contemplating too hard, the answers are already here. 

1. You didn't have a schedule



Today at VMworld in sunny and super hot Barcelona more than 800 attendees listened to inspirational speeches on how the software-defined data center is extending the proven model of virtualization across storage, networking and security. 


Carl Eschenbach, VMware's President and COO, and VMware's engineering leaders showcased technology that is transforming IT by virtualizing and automating computing, storage, networking and security across private and hybrid clouds. We were there to contemplate the new trends, hear some jokes and get inspired.



Photo: @VirtualisedReal


Here are some of the best bits from the General Session at VMworld in Barcelona:

1. Nothing can be achieved without powerful software.

IDC recently upgraded their 2020 forecast for storage growth from 40x to 50x of what we have now, saying there will be 6.6 zetabytes of digital stuff, or almost two desktop drives fully loaded with data for every single person in worldwide population then. Not easy to believe? Take a short story for example. Every time I have a lecture on cloud storage for IT pros of financial institutions, I bring my fresh version of the PPT on a USB stick, copy it to a presenter’s PC, make some edits and send it over to a dozen attendees creating up to 20 copies of the original almost instantly. With all lectures past and many still to come, hundreds of copies will end up on peoples’ desktops and in their mailboxes.

Top 5 Pictures from VMworld in Barcelona, Partner Day

Partners who registered for a full conference pass were entitled to attend Partner Day on a complimentary basis on Monday October 14. Listen to keynote speeches, attend focused breakout sessions covering VMware products, pricing and programs, and network with peers in this special day specifically for VMware Partners.

A lot of tweets, a lot of posts and a lot of pictures. We picked the best five pictures from the very first day at VMworld for you.

What VMworld Has in Store for You

VMworld Barcelona is here and we’re focused on preparations for our booth located at G122, while also finalizing business back in our home offices. If you are anywhere near as busy as we are, and we don’t doubt that you are, then you have little to no time to really find out how to maximize your VMworld experience.

So I thought, I’d help you out a bit and pick out four things that will make VMworld absolutely worth your time.


5 Things you Don't Want To Do at VMworld

Next week we will be at VMworld in Barcelona. You will be there to learn what’s new and to find out how to do your job faster, better, and cheaper.

So I thought I would help you on your quest for perfect IT. I’m not going to tell you what to do though, I will tell you what you may not want to do at VMworld Barcelona.

1. Don't sleep

There just is not enough time for that. The show floor is exciting with many vendors to speak with. The sessions are really helpful. And, by the way, Barcelona is a great city. And you can sleep when you get back home

2. Don't be afraid to speak with people