October 16, 2021 — Eric Swotinsky
Incident reports

Olympus suffers second ransomware attack in two months

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Japan-based tech manufacturer Olympus suffered a cyberattack on October 10. This marks their second such incident in as many months.

In response to the attack — which impacted systems in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico — affected systems have been taken offline and external partners have been notified. Olympus is a major player in the optical technology space and an undeniably high-value target, with over 100 years of history and 31,000 employees around the world,

The BlackMatter extortion gang has taken credit for this attack. BlackMatter was also responsible for the strike on Olympus on September 8, which affected IT systems in the company's EMEA locations. Rising from the ashes of the DarkSide extortion gang, it appears BlackMatter is not pulling any punches when they see an opportunity to make some money off a victim.

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