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Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s leading maker of wind turbines, has fallen victim to a cyberattack.

The company — which has over 29,000 employees and 15 billion Euros in annual revenue, and has installed turbines in 85 countries — was forced to shut down most of their IT systems across multiple business locations. The operations of previously-installed wind turbines and third-party systems have thus far remained unaffected.

Vesta Wind Systems has not confirmed which ransomware group is behind the attack, but they have admitted that internal data was exfiltrated prior to the disruption. This "double extortion" technique increases the pressure on victims to pay up under threat of public data release, and has become widespread among modern cybercriminals.

Acronis Cyber Protect has the tools to prevent attacks like this from happening. Its award-winning, threat-agnostic ransomware defenses identify and block cyberthreats based on the malicious behaviors that they exhibit, while integrated disaster recovery capabilities minimize the operational impact of any adverse event.

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