Cyber Protection for Arsenal Football Club

In 2018, Arsenal Football Club announced an Official Data Backup Partnership with Acronis, securing a more efficient way to deal with growing volumes of data whilst ensuring the continuity of the team’s operations.

How data drives modern sport

Arsenal Football Club is at the forefront of data use within football, examining data to improve its performance both on and off the pitch. The club knows that this important data is extremely valuable and needs to be protected.

In top-flight sports, team and competitor analysis is more important than ever in order to gain that vital upper hand over the opposition. In this ever-advancing digital age, it is particularly important in football where at the top level, the margins are fine.


Where data comes from?

  • Video Footage Video Footage
  • Enviromental Factors Enviromental Factors
  • Statistics Statistics
  • Business Data Business Data
  • Data of Employees Data from employees
Acronis Trusted by Arsenal FCDeveloping a winning game plan means recording and tracking countless variables and data-points. All factors are meticulously studied before, during and after every match.

How Acronis protects Arsenal Football Club’s data

“Acronis will deliver efficient and secure data protection for Arsenal Football Club’s data”
Acronis is a global leader in data protection and hybrid cloud storage. As part of the agreement, Acronis will deliver efficient and secure data protection for Arsenal Football Club’s data, which includes storage of every first-team and academy training session recorded at our training ground in Colney.

Acronis is a world leader in data backup services and their advanced technology will ensure the club’s data is safe and secure.
Vinai Venkatesham Managing Director, Arsenal Football Club