Cyber Protection for ROKiT Williams Racing Formula One Team

ROKiT Williams Racing is tasked with designing, developing, and manufacturing a new Formula 1 car every season. To ensure operational stability and achieve the desired output, comprehensive data protection is critical.

How data drives Formula One

Every Formula One car is equipped with hundreds of sensors that generate thousands of gigabytes of data every race weekend. Vitally important data points are collected, processed, and analyzed in real time, helping teams make actionable decisions during the race. Each team transmits this same data back to the factory for use in designing and engineering future improvements.

  • Rear wing

    One of the most important aspects of a car is its’ aerodynamics and downforce. Sensors measure airflow over both the front wing and rear wing of the car.

  • Front wing

    Aero rakes are often the most noticeable sensors, as they resemble wire cages. Fitted behind the front tyres and attached to the monocoque, these rakes are fitted with a number of ‘Kiel probes’ which monitor airflow. They can also be fitted to measure airflow behind the diffuser or around the rear wing.

  • Airbox

    Sensors monitor airbox and engine temperatures to measure that they are staying within the parameters they should be.

  • Front monocoque

    There are an array of sensors here. Perhaps the most important is the pitot tube. Similar to those used on aircraft, a pitot tube is used in areas where teams wish to measure air speed. Sometimes it will be placed on the nose and other times above the air box.

  • Tyres

    Since tyres are one of the most important aspects of a car’s performance and key to race strategy, sensors monitor tyre temperatures, cornering loads and rates of degradation.

ROKiT Williams Racing

700+ designers and engineers

In creating the best Formula One car possible, the team generates massive amounts of data. That information needs to be backed up and protected, whilst remaining easily accessible. In 2018, ROKiT Williams Racing partnered with Acronis, significantly optimizing their cyber protection capability.

+50%annual growth of data 

In the factory, designing and developing new race car technology creates a whole new stream of data. With hundreds of terabytes of data already under management, the amount of data that needs to be managed is constantly expanding – increasing approximately 50 percent each year. 

How Acronis protects ROKiT Williams Racing

Essential reliance on data and rapidly growing volumes of data require a cyber protection solution that can handle it all without adding stress to the available resources. For ROKiT Williams Racing, Acronis safeguards:

  • 200+ serversDefends physical and virtual SQL servers and files
  • 650+ workstationsSecures files for the Williams engineering team
  • 1000+ mailboxesBacks up Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes and SharePoint accounts
  • 700+ terabytesProtects hundreds of terabytes now, which is expected to expand into several petabytes in the coming years.
The great benefit of using Acronis is securing the data, our IP. Data is king in our business and it’s great to know that with Acronis, it’s fully protected.
Graeme Hackland CIO, ROKiT Williams Racing.

How ROKiT Williams Racing uses Acronis technology

Deploying cyber protection solutions from Acronis helped Williams Racing to optimize their data protection, adding efficiencies and freeing up resources that were previously dedicated to backup management.

Williams’ backup window has been significantly improved, going from days to minutes. At the same time, their recovery time was also reduced to just a few minutes, allowing Williams to access and restore any file from any point in time via an easy-to-use, touch-friendly web management interface.

Acronis’ innovative technologies, such as the artificial intelligence-based Acronis Active Protection, adds an extra level of protection, guarding data against the damage and downtime caused by ransomware attacks.