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A lot can happen to the devices that store your valuable data. Hard drives fail because they’re not designed to work forever. You can accidently share your morning coffee with your laptop. Mobile phones occasionally go swimming (but can’t do it very well). Your data can be encrypted by nasty ransomware, with criminals demanding a lot of money in order to decrypt it. Then there are the instances when our devices are lost or stolen: There are tens of thousands of laptops lost at airports each week!


Data loss is no joke

Many independent surveys prove it actually happens quite often


of computer users
suffer data loss

The 2018 Acronis World Backup Day Survey revealed that more than a third of all respondents reported that they or a family member suffered data loss.

of all lost data can
never be recovered

Kroll Ontrack found that of the data lost due to a device malfunction, only 68% of it could be recovered … meaning a third of that data was lost forever!

is the average value
of mobile device data

A Ponemon Institute survey revealed that participants estimated the average value of the data contained on their mobile devices (which are easily lost) is $14,000.

of losses are caused
by failing hardware

Kroll Ontrack’s report uncovered the fact that more than two-thirds of data losses happened on either laptops (36%) or external hard drives (34%).



If you have backup,
your important data can be restored almost immediately
with just two clicks!

Backup is easy

Backup software like Acronis True Image 2020 is a computer program with an easy-to-use interface that keeps all of your precious data safe by creating a secure copy either locally on your machine, or on an external hard drive, NAS device, or in the cloud.


Your 30-day trial is free, with no credit card info required.


With the installer, it takes just a few clicks to set up.


Select the files and folders to back up and, in a couple of clicks, you're all set!


av-logo2x.png"Acronis True Image is the only program recognized by the AV-TEST Institute with the certificate ‘Approved Backup & Data Security Software’” The independent IT Security Institute AV Test review
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Do I need an external hard drive?

Not necessarily. You have a lot of options to choose from:



Choose a folder as the backup location from any of your internal hard drives on your computer.


Network attached storage (NAS)

This can be a standalone device or shared folder on your home network.


External hard drive

With a USB drive, copy all of your data to a separate disk for extra security. With one you can also create an all-in-one Acronis Survival Kit with everything you need to restore your entire system – from boot media to backups.


Acronis Cloud

Not only is your data securely stored remotely, you can sync your files so they can be immediately available anywhere at any time through your smartphone. Read more about our ultra-secure cloud infrastructure here.

How to recover data if something happens

In the event of a problem, recovering your files or system is simple.


Click Recover Files on a main screen.


Choose which files or folder you want to recover and click Next.


Press Recover now … and it’s back where it was.

You can even recover unbootable computers by using Acronis bootable media

A built-in media builder lets you easily create the bootable files needed to recover your system to the same or new hardware. With a full-image backup of your computer/tablet/phone, everything is put back exactly the way it was before a system crash, including all files and preferences.

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Time to backup your precious data.
Give it a try. It is free.

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