How to Beat Ransomware:
Don't React to It ...
Prevent It!

How you can avoid a WannaCry infection or any ransomware threat

Ransom: A hacker's way to get paid


With ransomware, hackers have moved from being a nuisance to monetizing their efforts. This new type of malware infects the victim's computer, encrypts all the data and then demands the victim pay a ransom in order to decrypt everything


Ransomware in figures


Every 10 seconds

someone in the world is hit by ransomware

$1 billion

was extorted from ransomware victims in 2016. The threat is growing! In 2015 the total was $50 million.


is the average ransoms payment, but can exceed $10,000

200,000 WannaCry victims

were cribbed during one weekend in May 2017 (more)



"Infection came when the user visited a nail salon website. She initially clicked on a groupon email (which was legit), then from the Goupon ad, she clicked on the link to see the company offering the Groupon. She said she got a grey box that popped up and then she closed it. Nothing else seemed to happen so she just went on with her day."

Reddit user

Infection with one wrong click


Ransomware infects a computer and encrypts all the data on its storage drives while spreading to any other vulnerable computer that are connected. How can a computer become infected?

Links and attachments in spam emails

Cyber criminals use clever social engineering tricks to make you click malicious links   or attachments included in a spam email.

Malicious websites

With a “drive-by download,” you only need to visit a site or click on a banner to download the malicious software to your computer.

Video Games

Gamers are targeted through saved-game content and downloadable “extras” that drop the malware on their computer.

Antivirus is not enough

Anti-malware software is essential but there are few things you need to know:

Antivirus software can fail to detect ransomware infections. Cybercriminals frequently design their malicious code to avoid discovery by researching known anti-malware solutions in order to identify weaknesses in the detection technologies or the program architecture.


Most free antivirus software packages still use traditional signature detection methods, which do not protect you against ransomware.

Typical anti-malware solutions can't restore much data - especially big files - and they definitely can't restore data from a backup since the different products don't know how to talk to each other.




Anyone can buy ransomware as a SaaS kit,
so the bad guy doesn’t need to be genius
to take your money

Stopping the ransomware threat is possible.
Acronis True Image Premium  is the world's only personal backup with active ransomware protection


Why? Because it features a set of technologies specifically created to identify and combat ransomware threats like WannaCry, protecting all the data on your computer, including documents, photos, videos, passwords, and more. It even secures your Acronis backup files.



Constant monitoring

Examines files for suspicious characteristics to identify threats before they can strike.


Works automatically

Works automatically and no need any fine tuning to deliver great results.



Integrates with all major anti-malware solutions on the market.


Self protection

Includes self-protection mechanisms that prevent current and future threats to backup files.


Always up-to-date

Continuous updates mean you never need to worry about new threats.



Runs efficiently so there is never a system slowdown.


 Start to protect your data with Acronis True Image Premium today.  Ransomware Active Protection included.

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"If you're not taking a proactive approach to ransomware already, now is the time to start. 2017 could be a banner year for attacks, especially given the arrival of the incredibly slick Spora ransomware-as-a-service."


Cybersecurity needs prevention

More steps to avoid infection


Perform regular backups

Creating full-image backups on a regular basis is the ultimate way to mitigate the potential impact of a ransomware attack.


Have an anti-malware solution in place

Anti-malware software (commonly known as antivirus software) provides a valuable defense against malware infections. But choose your software carefully. Remember: Many free antivirus programs don't offer any protection against ransomware.


Keep up with software updates

Do not ignore software update messages - they are there for a reason. Software updates can not only introduce new features. They frequently patch the security holes that are exploited by cyber criminals.


Be careful with email attachments

If you receive an email from someone you don't know - or something you don't expect - don't open it! Confirm the message with the sender and be sure to run it through your anti-virus program.


av-logo2x.png"Acronis True Image is the only program recognized by the AV-TEST Institute with the certificate „Approved Backup & Data Security Software“ The independent IT Security Institute AV Test review
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