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Mirror Image is Vanishing?

Be sure your backup captures ALL of your data with the all-in-one personal backup solution that out-performs competitors

full image backup
Create a Mirror Image of Your System Protect everything with a full image backup, from photos to your OS
Take Control of Your Backups Store backups locally, in the cloud, or both. Automatically replace local backups in the cloud
Protect Data from Cyberthreats The only solution that stops ransomware and cryptojacking in real time

Imaging software comparison:
Acronis vs. Competition

When it comes to mirror imaging software, one option has all you need

FeaturesAcronis True Image 2021 EssentialCompetition

Cost per year (one computer)


Starts from $99.99

Full image/mirror image backup


limited, Windows only

Continuous backup  
Disk cloning of an active system  
All-in-one recovery drive  
Automatic backup replication  
Boot media builder  
Active Defense Against Ransomware  
Wireless mobile backup to local computer or NAS  
Flexible device storage 


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"There are definite advantages to backing up an entire drive image, which is the default way Acronis True Image operates. The service gets top marks for an intuitive interface, the speed of its backups, and for its built-in extras ... warrants our Editors' Choice award."

Experience a better backup

Discover imaging software that combines the capabilities you want with the data protection you need

Two-Click Protection

Create a full image/mirror image backup and choose where to store your data – all in just two clicks. Protecting your entire system has never been easier.

Cover Everything

With one solution, you can safeguard Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. Fully supports Windows 10 and High Sierra.

Active Defense Against Malware

Stop ransomware and cryptojacking before they can do any damage. Our exclusive AI-based technology detects and halt attacks, and automatically reverses its effects. 

Flexible Management

Develop a backup plan that works for you. Schedule times, configure destinations, and select from full image, incremental, differential or custom backup types.

Anywhere Access

Grab a backup file anywhere, anytime. With our intuitive, web-based interface, you can use any computer or mobile device to grab data from your cloud backup.

Visual Dashboards

See all you need to know about your backups at a glance, including backup file sizes, backup speeds, and a color-coded display of the types of data stored.

"I had previously had some trouble with [Carbonite] Mirror Image ... Acronis True Image also offers a cloud backup option and the price compares favorably with Carbonite. But you not only get cloud backup you also get a regular backup solution (i.e., the ability to make local backups). I find that the user interface of True Image is much more straightforward. Also, Acronis Cloud Backup provides an easy option to back up your entire PC which is something that Carbonite does not do."

Acronis True Image 2021