Reduce time to market

System Management ISVs can easily integrate Acronis OEM backup and recovery solutions into their own solutions. Acronis software can be integrated into an existing management framework so that IT administrators can take advantage of a consolidated interface for all operations, as well as called up as a separate stand-alone application. This allows ISVs to reduce time to market with a known and trusted brand that adds value to their core offerings. Acronis has tools that make complex remote operations a snap. IT administrators can quickly deploy new machines, backup key assets, or wipe drives to meet regulatory requirements for end-of-life equipment and lifecycle programs.

Systems management ISVs can enhance their services using powerful command line tools based on Acronis Backup and Acronis Snap Deploy. CLI scripting documentation makes it easy to quickly add reliable backup, data recovery, system deployment and lifecycle management options to their packages. Operations results are recorded in XML format so that they can be easily imported into a database for central reporting.