Antivirus scans

Antivirus scan is one of the components of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Antivirus and Anti-malware Protection. It protects your computer by checking for malware on demand – manually or at predefined intervals that you can configure.

You can select between two types of scans.

  • Full scan checks the entire machine for viruses. Full scan will detect malware by examining all files and processes (or a subset of files and processes), except for excluded files or folders that you defined in the excludes lists.
  • Quick scan checks only specific files and folders. Quick scan will detect malware by examining specific folders which are considered the most likely virus storages.

You can also choose what to scan: archive files, external drives, or only new and changed files.

You can configure Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office to prevent your computer from entering sleep or hibernate mode if a scan operation is running. Keep in mind that this option is selected by default.

By default, when the CPU load is high, the priority of antivirus scans is decreased to let other applications perform properly. This results in slower scans. You can disable this option to speed up the scanning.

To view the Scan details report window, containing antivirus scan details, click the Scan report button.