Cloning summary

The cloning summary window graphically (as rectangles) illustrates information about the source disk (partitions and unallocated space) and the destination disk layout. Along with the disk number, some additional information is provided: disk capacity, label, partition and file system information. Partition types — primary, logical and unallocated space — are marked with different colors.

Cloning a disk containing the currently active operating system will require a reboot. In that case, after clicking Proceed you will be asked to confirm the reboot. Canceling the reboot will cancel the entire procedure. After the clone process finishes you will be offered an option to shut down the computer by pressing any key. This enables you to change the position of master/slave jumpers and remove one of the hard drives.

Cloning a non-system disk or a disk containing an operating system, but one that is not currently active, will proceed without the need to reboot. After you click Proceed, Acronis True Image Home will start cloning the old disk to the new disk, indicating the progress in a special window. You can stop this procedure by clicking Cancel. In that case, you will have to repartition and format the new disk or repeat the cloning procedure. After the cloning operation is complete, you will see the results message.