Build473January 23, 2023

Version 1.6.12

What's new

  • Protective mechanism in the self-service recovery function that ensures exposure of at least as many recovery points as the number of backup days specified in the plan’s service level. Customers with recovery points exposure limit will see backups even if another backup job was missed or took too long to complete.

Fixed issues

  • [CI-21486] cPanel plugin generates excessive load on protection plan management API
  • [CI-20259] Account recovery fails with error "Insufficient disk space is available" although there's enough space in the temporary directory
Build459September 19, 2022

Version 1.6.11

What's new

  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 8

  • Case-insensitive login field in the configurator.ini file
  • Prompt to keep or delete newer emails upon mailbox recovery was removed for mdbox mailboxes as the functionality is available for maildir mailboxes only

Fixed issues

  • [CI-19605] Canceling a backup task in the cloud console produces error messages in the plugin dashboard
  • [CI-19606] "Account is disabled" error message pops up after the entire server recovery
Build434July 19, 2022

Version 1.6.10

What's new

  • Mailbox recovery can now preserve emails generated after backup creation.
  • cPanel account recovery time was improved by means of optimized cPanel metadata processing.
  • Recovery task handling was reworked to include the archive mounting step into the recovery task and report its status accordingly.
  • Compatibility with the security improvements, introduced in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Update 22.07.

    The following requirements should be met:

    • Update both the protection agent and the cPanel & WHM extension to their latest versions

    • Re-authenticate to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in order to generate an internal service user for protection plan management via the extension.

    Operations, related to protection plan management via the extension, including protection plan configuration and revocation as well as manual backup start, will be prohibited until then.

Detailed instructions are provided in the corresponding Knowledge Base article.

Build421June 13, 2022

Version 1.6.9

Fixed issues

  • [CI-9908] Recovery points may fail to unmount automatically. Fixed by adding a configurable option to forcibly unmount idle recovery points
Build413April 21, 2022

Version 1.6.8

What's new

  • cPanel metadata browsing flow for "Domains" and "Files" was unified for better consistency
  • Logic to retry cPanel tools execution was implemented to avoid backup failures due to sporadic breakdown of these tools
Build402March 28, 2022

Version 1.6.7 HF2

What's new

  • The cPanel home file tree collection into cPanel metadata was disabled by default. This is done in order to control its impact on the backup job performance on certain systems.

Fixed issues

  • [ED-666] cPanel home file tree collection causes the backup job to freeze due to namespaces' conflicts and also when accounts without web hosting are present on the system
Build400March 19, 2022

Version 1.6.7 HF1

Fixed issues

  • [ED-663] Backup fails if MySQL freeze is disabled in the pre-data capture scripts
Build399March 15, 2022

Version 1.6.7

What's new

  • cPanel metadata in the backup archive now includes the cPanel home file tree for faster recovery point browsing
Build391February 7, 2022

Version 1.6.6

Fixed issues

  • [CI-16308] cPanel accounts self-service permission misconfiguration
Build388December 10, 2021

Version 1.6.5 HF2

Fixed issues

  • [CI-15903] Plugin installation fails on cPanel v94
  • [CI-15904] Plugin registration check fails if there are 100+ machines registered under a single tenant
Build387December 8, 2021

Version 1.6.5 HF1

Fixed issues

  • [CI-15750] Plugin installation and update fails with Jupiter theme
Build386November 17, 2021

Version 1.6.5

What's new

AlmaLinux Support

Starting from version 1.6.5, the plugin will support the AlmaLinux OS (Electric Cheetah 8.4 and higher). Instances with CentOS 8 converted to AlmaLinux are supported as well.

New configuration options

  • New parameters added for the unattended configuration scripts:
    • retention_number_of_backups: this is the number of backups to keep. It allows to enable "by number of backups" retention scheme in the protection plan during initial setup or by updating the existing backup plan.
    • reattempts: number of times the backup task will be re-executed in case of failure
    • reattempt_period: time between reattempts
    • alert_period: number of days without single successful backup, after which the "No successful backups for a specified number of consecutive days" alert will be triggered.

Known issues and limitations

  • Cannot enable protection for Virtuozzo containers running AlmaLinux through the plugin. To resolve this, please follow the instructions, provided at

Build382September 7, 2021

Version 1.6.4

What's new

Self-service feature management for cPanel and WHM Reseller accounts

Options to enable self-service for cPanel end users and WHM Reseller accounts, have been added to the plugin configuration wizard.

Python version updated to 3.9

The Python version used in our plugin has been updated in order to improve the package stability and security.

Fixed issues

  • [CI-9071] Account restore finished successfully while restorepkg failed due to the lack of space on the machine
  • [CI-9665] Make max_allowed_packet configurable in the plugin config.ini to resolve issues with large databases download
  • [CI-9869] MySQL service stops when recovering cPanel accounts
  • [CI-10168] Incorrect domain path shown in case of customized document root location
  • [CI-11278] Recovery points mounting fails due to timeout


Build359February 17, 2021

Version 1.6.3

Fixed issues

  • Multiple fixes for the retention policy modifications in the unattended configuration script
Build357February 4, 2021

Version 1.6.2

What's new

New parameters in the plugin configuration script

Now it is possible to change the default retention policy during plugin initial installation and configuration as well as to adjust the existing backup plan settings.

Build351December 21, 2020

Version 1.6.1

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-9807] Reworked cPanel metadata collection for corrupted accounts and mailboxes
Build350November 30, 2020

Version 1.6

This release brings new features and multiple security, stability, performance and usability improvements.

What's new

Service level management for cPanel and WHM Reseller accounts
  • Now it's possible to set up different service plans for the cPanel and WHM Reseller accounts. WHM administrator can manage the number of days, for which available recovery points will be shown in the cPanel or WHM user interface for a particular account or group of accounts.
WHM Resellers support
  • Plugin UI is available for the WHM Reseller accounts: it is possible to browse and restore data of the cPanel user accounts belonging to this reseller. The option is configurable by WHM administrator.
Domains recovery and download
  • The archive content is re-grouped to allow users to restore and download data related to a particular domain, subdomain or addon domain.
Stability and performance improvements
  • Multiple stability and performance optimizations for files and database recovery, plugin installation and set up.
Other improvements
  • It's possible to set up custom location for MySQL data folder in plugin configuration file.

Fixed issues

  • [CI-9566] End-user databases restoration fails during multiple cPanel accounts recovery
Build336November 5, 2020

Version 1.5.1

What's new

  • Enabling backup plan during installation via unattended script is now optional
  • Support for authentication and cPanel server registration with API client created with partner credentials
Build330September 3, 2020

Version 1.5

What's new

  • Script for unattended plugin configuration updated to support API client authentication
  • Comments saved during backup of MySQL databases

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-8858] Failed metadata collection for remote MySQL databases
Build323July 30, 2020

Version 1.4.1

What's new

  • cPanel account restore fails if PostgreSQL database is used
  • Recover and download of the account fails if there're no databases or skip databases option is selected
  • Incorrect error message is shown in UI if an archive mount operation fails
  • Login name for Acronis Cyber Cloud is not pre-filled when switching to the backup console
Build320June 8, 2020

Version 1.4

This release brings new features and multiple security, stability, performance, and usability improvements.

What's new

Encryption support

  • Now it's possible to enable encryption for the backups during the initial plugin configuration in UI, with unattended configuration script or by creating a new backup plan in the backup console.
  • Encryption as a machine property is also supported.

Unattended plugin configuration

  • New script for an unattended plugin configuration is available, it automatically checks if the backup agent is installed and registered on the host and performs all the required set up steps. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Improved archives ownership detection logic

  • Restored or re-created cPanel users can access the recovery points made for these accounts in the past, regardless of the database and system ID changes.

Stability and performance improvements

  • Multiple stability and performance optimizations for files and database recovery.

Other improvements

  • Users with enabled 2FA can configure plugin using a registration token. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-4056] Database restoration fails if the backup was made with the elder mysql version.
  • [CI-6324] Archive doesn't contain databases for the recovered or downloaded account
  • [CI-5850] 'The backup agent is not available' error shown in UI after the plugin re-installation.
  • [CI-6009] Backup is stuck: metadata collection failed
Build 300October 23, 2019

Version 1.3

What's new

  • Support of backup to a local storage

    Note: Requires the backup agent version 14730 or later

  • Support of the backup agent installed by using a token instead of the login and password

    Note: Requires the backup agent version 14730 or later

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-5047] Security fixes
  • [CI-4938] MySQL users are not restored along with the account restoration
  • [CI-4571] Need to support the encoding UTF-8 with BOM
  • [CI-5303] Restoration of deleted account failed
  • [CI-3405] Operation fails with the message "Operation canceled by user" if the meta-data collection script fails
Build 263June 7, 2019

Version 1.2.3

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-5097] For some cPanel versions, the script collecting metadata fails if the quota value is empty
  • [CI-5098] The script collecting metadata fails if the feature cache file (/var/cpanel/features.cache) is removed for suspended accounts
  • [CI-5107] It is not possible to change the timeout for a mount of a recovery point
Build 261May 24, 2019

Update 2.2

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-5038] The script collecting metadata fails if an account's quota is ' unlimited' (with an extra space at the beginning of the string)
  • [CI-5040] The plugin does not work if the BackupAndRecovery.config file has the UTF-8 with BOM format
Build 259March 7, 2019

Update 2 HF1

What's new

This release brings security, stability, performance, and usability improvements.

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-4521, CI-4524] Security improvements
  • [CI-4525] Pre-capture script should process "FLUSH TABLES" before "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK"
  • [CI-4540] Pre-/post-capture scripts should kill a thread which executes the flush command to unfreeze MySQL correctly
Build 253February 21, 2019

Update 2

What's new

  • Recovering mailboxes, mail filters, and mail forwarders is now available in WHM.
  • Recovering non-user databases, including internal cPanel databases and databases created manually, is now available in WHM. These databases can be recovered only from the backups created with a plugin of version 253 or higher.
  • The Operations Log is extended to show the list of items that were downloaded or restored.
  • A feedback form is added to the Operation Log of WHM, so that an administrator can send a report to the vendor if required.
  • The location of archives prepared to download and the retention rules for them can now be changed. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-2991] SSO authenticated users cannot restore databases
  • [CI-3686] The recovery points always show their creation date in UTC
  • [CI-4158] A user can view recovery points that were created prior to the user account creation
  • [CI-4247] A backup agent should be installed with "--strict" mode
  • [CI-4280] SSO should be removed from the link to the backup console
  • [CI-4399] The plugin is installed but nonoperational due to an old (unsupported ) PHP version
  • [CI-4410] The download or recovery of databases fails with error message: "MySQL cannot start (SIGSEG signal)"
Build 223November 16, 2018

Update 1.4

Fixed Issues

  • [CI-4011] Acronis Backup plugin for WHM/cPanel cannot be installed with cpanel-php72
Build 219October 16, 2018

Update 1.3

What's new

Redesigned cPanel accounts backup and restore:

  • Backup of accounts now does not affect the server performance.
  • Account restore is now always available for all recovery points. The option backup_accounts in the /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/acronisbackup/srv/config.ini became obsolete and was removed from the config.

Fixed issues

  • [CI-3797] Backup fails when there is a domain without homedir
  • [CI-3876] Incorrect file is downloaded from a backup if the file name contains non-ASCII characters
  • [CI-3899] Name is not shown for a file when browsing backup if the file name contains invalid Unicode characters
Build 214September 20, 2018

Update 1.2

Fixed issues

  • [CI-3765, CI-3759] Security fixes
Build 211August 30, 2018

Update 1 HF1

What's new

Two new configuration options for freezing MySQL prior to taking a snapshot.

The options are added to /var/lib/Acronis/AgentCommData/ configuration file:

  • MYSQL_FREEZE - to enable or disable MySQL freezing
  • MYSQL_FREEZE_ONLY_MYISAM - to define which tables will be locked. The option has two values: 0 (lock all tables) and 1 (lock only MyISAM tables).

Fixed issues

  • [CI-3562] A database recovery fails if a volume is mounted to several directories
  • [CI-3560] A backup fails if some of WHM accounts are corrupted. The corrupted accounts are now ignored
  • [CI-3532] A backup fails if a MyISAM table has a space in its name
  • [CI-3579] Sometimes, MySQL does not start during a recovery. The error "Can't find messagefile..." is displayed
  • [CI-3581] Sometimes, browsing recovery points in cPanel UI fails with error "An error has occurred. Please try again later or contact your administrator"
  • [CI-3673] A message that a new version of the plugin is available is not shown in WHM UI if WHM is installed on versions 6.x of CentOS, CloudLinux, and RHEL
Build 204June 29, 2018

Update 1

What's new

This release brings new features, and multiple security, stability, performance, and usability improvements.

Recovery of individual accounts

  • User can download or recover individual accounts in WHM UI
  • User can download own account in cPanel UI
  • Downloaded archive can be recovered on any cPanel server (even without Acronis Backup plugin) by using native cPanel scripts:
  • Account recovery option may be hidden. Check the documentation for details

    Limitation: You cannot restore accounts from backup created before the plugin update.

Update the plugin from the WHM user interface

  • WHM dashboard notifies the user when a new plugin version is available. To update to a new version, click Update now.

Simplified Acronis Backup plugin installation and configuration

  • The plugin is now shipped in form of .rpm package.
  • Improved UX for the initial configuration wizard in WHM UI, including:
    • UI improvements
    • Progress tracking
    • Error reporting

Stability and performance improvements

  • Multiple stability and performance optimizations for files and database recovery

Improved logging and errors reporting

  • More logs are available
  • Improved error messages shown in UI
  • Detailed error messages for failed recovery tasks are shown in the operations log
  • A new option to collect logs from WHM UI (both the operations log and dashboard). All necessary logs are collected in a single archive that can be downloaded from UI.

Other UX improvements

  • Show cloud storage usage in WHM dashboard
  • Show backup plan settings
  • Added link to backup console from the dashboard (with SSO)
  • Show mount points for volumes when browse archive
  • Show DBs owners when recover DBs in WHM UI
  • And more...

Fixed issues

  • [CI-2728, CI-2961, CI-2962, CI-2987, CI-2995, CI-2966] Security fixes
  • [CI-2817] Support disabling exec php function
  • [CI-3084] Plugin fails when short_open_tag dir