Release Notes

Build 52May 7, 2020

Version 1.0

This RTM release provides compatibility with new Acronis Cyber Protect Editions and support for accounts that use two-factor authentication, as well as various stability and UI improvements.

Fixed issues

CI-5424 Support CW Control latest versions

CI-6170 IP anonimyzation in Google Analytics

CI-6252 Import old configuration files if no new found

CI-6294 UI and text improvements

CI-6727 Compatibility with CW 20.3

What's new

  • Support for changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud 9.0:
    • Editions
    • Alerts
    • API clients
  • Two-factor authentication support
Build 38April 2, 2020

Version 0.9

This is a maintenance release that ensures compatibility with both Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 and 9.0. It also fixes an issue where, under certain circumstances, access to Acronis Dashboard was given to roles with insufficient permission.

Fixed issues

CI-6255 Manage API changes in Acronis Cyber Cloud 9.0

CI-6469 Manage access to Acronis Dashboard and related functionality

Build 17April 29, 2019


Acronis presents the new extension for ConnectWise Control with the advanced device protection management capabilities.

What's new

  • Link a machine to the Acronis Cyber Cloud tenant
  • Remotely install and manage the backup agent
  • Manage a backup protection plan
  • Manage an active protection plan
  • Monitor a device status by means of the alerts and the monitoring dashboard
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