Build 424October, 2022

Version 1.7

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.10

In this release, some additional information fields are introduced, for monitoring purposes. They can be found in the devices' list of each organization.

The following Data columns are new:

  • Last malware scan
  • Next malware scan
  • #Cyberfit score
  • Protection plan (name of currently applied protection plan)

What's new

  • More status fields were added
Build 410June, 2022

Version 1.6

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.06

This release includes support for alerts synchronization switching on and off. Users can now configure whether Acronis alerts will be uploaded as tickets to Kaseya VSA.

What's new

  • Enable/disable option for alerts sync
Build 392March, 2022

Version 1.5

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.03

This release introduces UX optimization of the domain controllers' deployment, including an improved agent installation process on multiple workloads (workstations and domain controllers) at the same time. Some fixes were also done.

What's new

  • UI update of the domain controller deployment flow
Build 368January, 2022

Version 1.4

Acronis version: 22.01 or later

This release introduces some optimizations and UX improvements of the agent installation process. A list of components, redundant to install, was harmonized with the device requirements.

What's new

  • Review agent deployment
Build 365November, 2021

Version 1.3

Acronis version: 21.11 or later

This release includes support for Acronis agent deployment on Windows domain controllers.

What's new

  • Support deployment on domain controllers
Build 361August, 2021

Version 1.2

This release includes support for end-of-life of legacy licensing, achieved by removing the ability to create new customer tenants with legacy licenses.

The release also fixes a number of priority issues, including the following:

  • Several browser-related cases with VSAZ file installation or integration usage in incognito mode
  • Paging for devices not supported
  • Devices not filtered by type
  • An issue where applying a protection plan with a specific configuration did not work under certain circumstances.

What's new

  • Remove support for legacy licensing in customer creation

Fixed issues

  • CI-12622 Chrome only. 403 error with empty response returns after installing VSAZ file
  • CI-13315 Paging for Kaseya devices request is not supported
  • CI-13320 Kaseya devices are not filtered by type
  • CI-13427 Applying plan with enabled Antimalware protection does not work
  • CI-12552 500 error returns when installing VSAZ file in "Incognito" mode and open Org tab or Plans tab
  • CI-12616 500 error returns if user immediately tries to apply plan from Kaseya when plan was applied in Acronis
  • CI-12790 "Sorry some errors happen, try again later..." appears for several scenarios in Kaseya under disabled tenant in Acronis
  • CI-12845 500 error returns when trying link existing customer with disabled Cyber Protect
  • CI-12898 Backend create a user with invalid email
Build 329April, 2021

Version 1.1

This release includes some bug fixes and improvements, as follows:

  • Support for new licensing released by Acronis in 21.03;
  • An improved customer tenant creation flow for more MSP control over new tenant settings;
  • Protection plan conflict resolution; conflict cases of new versus existing plans are now handled better;
  • An improved help and support page, which provides information about the current installation as well as links to documentation, help and support.

What's new

  • Support new licensing in Cloud Integrations
  • Update customer creation flow
  • Protection plans conflict resolution
  • Help & Support page

Fixed issues

  • KV-502 'Error 401' on the Protection plan and Organization pages
  • KV-590 Fix production deployment
  • KV-597 Acronis agent doesn't start to install after reconnection organization
  • KV-598 Fill externalDataCenterURL if empty
  • KV-602 Cannot create new organization
Build 297March, 2021

Version 1.0

What's new

  • Provision new Acronis customer tenants from within Kaseya VSA
  • Link Kaseya organizations to existing Acronis customer tenants
  • Deploy Acronis to any device in Kaseya VSA
  • Manage, apply and revoke protection plans to workloads
  • Monitor backup and protection statuses in Kaseya VSA
  • Receive alerts and tickets in your default Kaseya ticketing solution, based on Acronis alerts

Known issues and limitations

  • Under certain circumstances, new customer tenants do not have backup enabled
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting devices or organisations can cause issues
  • Information about installed Kaseya VSA agent doesn't update after removing device in Kaseya VSA cloud