Build 65June 09, 2021

Version 1.0

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.06 and higher

Acronis presents a new integration of Cyber Cloud with CloudBlue PSA.

What's new

  • Customers of CloudBlue PSA can be linked to existing Acronis customer tenants.
  • New Acronis customer tenants can be provisioned and linked to CloudBlue PSA customers.
  • CloudBlue PSA customers can be automatically matched to Acronis customer tenants as long as provisioning through Ingram Cloud Marketplace is detected.
  • In CloudBlue PSA, there is automatic ticket:
    • creation, based on Acronis alerts.
    • resolution, based on Acronis alert clearance.
  • There can be also automatic alert clearance in Acronis, based on ticket resolution in CloudBlue PSA.
  • Configuration options are available for customer provisioning and 'ticket-alert' synchronization.

Known issues and limitations

  • CloudBlue is not compatible with other PSA plugins. These plugins cannot be activated, if the Acronis partner account already has another active PSA integration.
  • Connecting to CloudBlue REV is not supported. Partners need to upgrade their CloudBlue instance from REV to PSA before enabling the plugin.
  • Depending on the configuration of the CloudBlue PSA ticket workflow, sometimes tickets may not close automatically when clearing Acronis alerts.
  • In some cases, the integration cannot detect API key change on CloudBlue PSA side and continues reporting the connection as successful.
  • Cannot change customer provisioning settings after getting error for deleted mapped customer tenant.
  • Saving changes to "Customer provisioning" settings may not work if mapping failed.
  • Integration status is not updated after deleting API key in CloudBlue PSA.