Build 128October 16, 2023

Version 2.0.1

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 23.09 or later.

This update of the integration includes additional configuration parameters for the automatic customer provisioning feature:

  • Enhanced security mode
  • Billing mode

Both parameters were available for configuration in the manual customer creation process on the platform and are now also added to the integration settings for a more flexible auto-provisioning.

What's new

  • Two additional parameters were added to the customer provisioning settings
Build 126September 11, 2023

Version 2.0

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 23.08 or later.

This update provides improved automation of customer provisioning and facilitates onboarding for new partners already using N-able N-central. It also features extended monitoring using N-central device custom properties, which allows automating dashboards and issues remediation with native integration tools.

What's new

  • Provision all or selected N-able N-central customers to new customer tenants in Acronis
  • Map N-able N-central customers to existing Acronis customer tenants
  • Configure automatic customer tenant provisioning and deprovisioning, based on customers in N-able N-central
  • Monitor Acronis statuses and automate issues remediation in N-able N-central using device custom properties
Build 55March 30, 2022

Version 1.2

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.03 or later.

This is the third release of the N-able N-central integration.

What's new

  • Support for on-premise installations of N-able N-central

Fixed issues

  • CI-17149 Integration Manager and its addons request too much CPU
  • CI-16787 Wrong error message is displayed at the right bottom corner after attempt of enabling N-central with 2FA user
Build 48January 30, 2022

Version 1.1

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.01 or later.

This is the second release of the N-able N-central integration.

What's new

  • Support for Acronis agent deployments to Domain Controllers

Fixed issues

  • CI-16293 Windows script doesn't apply protection plan properly
  • CI-16059 Color of Mapped icon should be green
  • CI-16056 Add "No Cyber Protection plan available" screen in case of no plans
  • CI-16057 Change text to "Default protection plan set successfully." after adding plan
  • CI-16058 Add possibility to remove already set protection plan
  • CI-16192 Impossible to change user under the mapped customer
  • CI-16061 Close button is absent
  • CI-13579 Remove mapping doesn't have "Cancel" option
Build 1July 30, 2021

Version 1.0

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.07 or later.

This is the first release of the N-able N-central integration.


This release supports the following scenarios:

  • Configure N-able N-central API credentials inside Acronis Cyber Cloud console to enable cloud-to-cloud communication
  • Map N-central customer to Acronis customer tenant
  • Deploy, update and uninstall Acronis agent on Windows devices and apply a default protection plan
  • Get Acronis alerts as part of N-able N-central
  • Run automated tasks like backup, antivirus scan, malware scan, vulnerability assessment and patch management
  • Apply or revoke protection plans