Build 151May, 2022

Version 22.05

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.05

This release introduces the automatic generation of Kaseya BMS service names in the service mapping wizard, thus saving the MSPs the burden of providing these names manually for every single mapped offering item.

Build 122October 28, 2021

Version 1.0

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.10 and higher

Acronis presents a new integration of Acronis Cyber Cloud with Kaseya BMS.

What's new

This release supports the following features and scenarios:

  • Link Kaseya BMS customers to existing Acronis customer tenants
  • Provision and link new Acronis customer tenants to Kaseya BMS customers
  • Link Kaseya BMS services to Acronis offering items
  • Provision/deprovision Acronis offering items for customer tenants, based on Kaseya BMS contracts
  • Support of the following billing modes - prepaid, pay-as-you-go and prepaid with overage:
    • Automatic configuration of offering item quota for customer tenants, based on the service quantity, defined in the Kaseya BMS prepaid contract
    • Automatic reporting of offering item usage of customer tenants to Kaseya BMS PAYG contract
    • Automatic reporting of offering item overage of customer tenants to Kaseya BMS PAYG contract
  • Automatic ticket creation in Kaseya BMS, based on alerts in Acronis
  • Automatic ticket resolution in Kaseya BMS, based on Acronis alert clearance
  • Automatic alert clearance in Acronis, based on ticket resolution in Kaseya BMS
  • Configuration options for customer provisioning, deprovisioning, quota/usage synchronization and tickets-alerts synchronization.

Known issues and limitations

  • Depending on the alert type, under certain circumstances, new tickets could be created instead of reopening already resolved ones, provided that this option is turned on.
  • Disaster recovery and advanced disaster recovery offering items cannot be provisioned for free. MSPs need to provide a service explicitly in order to enable these offering items.

  • "Internal error" message is shown when a partner with Cyber Protect disabled, tries to enable service mapping.
  • Sorting in the account mapping table works only for the visible part of the records. Loading additional records can lead to wrong sorting.
  • The service mapping wizard doesn't offer automatic service name mapping for offering items. MSPs need to choose a service explicitly for every offering item to be mapped.
  • A duplicate customer tenant account is created on Acronis side when a Kaseya BMS account of prospect type is used to create a new tenant.
  • Saving changes for two sections at the same time results in integration settings page error.
  • Kaseya BMS is not compatible with other PSA plugins. The plugin cannot be activated, if the Acronis partner account has another active PSA integration.