Build 172March, 2024

Version 1.2

This release adds reporting for PAYG usage to the meter history, aligning with expectations for metered contracts in HaloPSA and enhancing billing accuracy.

What's new

[CI-24459] Report PAYG quantities by adding to the meter instead of simply updating quantities.


[CI-21071] Invalid product mapping: infra_capability_conflict.

Build 132March, 2023

Version 1.1

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 23.03

This new release adds the most requested functionality to the HaloPSA integration – the ability to report class 1/class 2 storage separately. Partners won't have to go through the hassle of discounting the storage used when selling O365 seats anymore as class 1 storage will be reported for free. Support for EDR reporting and the ability to configure range offering items reporting ensures that the HaloPSA integration is on par with Acronis Cyber Protect and the rest of the integrations.

Note: Deployment of this update to all Acronis datacenters is expected to complete by 12 April 2023.

What's new

  • Report class 1 and class 2 storage usage separately
  • Map and report EDR workload usage, depending on storage backend
  • Customizable range offering item usage reporting

Fixed issues

  • [CI-21470] Product Mapping wizard doesn't load
  • [CI-21473] Self-service customer is not grayed out in the Customer mapping list
  • [CI-21475] Partner cannot enable product mapping from integration configuration
  • [CI-21477] Ticket creation section is disabling by itself
Build 101December 1, 2022

Version 1.0

Platform version: Acronis Cyber Cloud 22.11 and higher

Acronis presents a new integration of Acronis Cyber Cloud with HaloPSA.

What's new

  • Link HaloPSA customers to existing Acronis customer tenants
  • Provision and link new Acronis customer tenants to HaloPSA customers
  • Link HaloPSA recurring items to Acronis offering items
  • Provision/deprovision Acronis offering items for customer tenants, based on content of HaloPSA recurring invoices
  • Support for the following billing modes - prepaid, pay-as-you-go and prepaid with overage:
    • Automatic configuration of offering item quota for customer tenants, based on the HaloPSA prepaid recurring invoice line quantity
    • Automatic reporting of offering item usage of customer tenants to HaloPSA PAYG recurring invoice lines
    • Automatic reporting of offering item overage of customer tenants to HaloPSA PAYG recurring invoice lines
  • Automatic ticket creation in HaloPSA, based on alerts in Acronis
  • Automatic ticket resolution in HaloPSA, based on Acronis alert clearance
  • Automatic alert clearance in Acronis, based on ticket resolution in HaloPSA
  • Configuration options for customer provisioning and tickets-alerts synchronization.

Known issues and limitations

  • Under certain circumstances, depending on the alert type, new tickets could be created, instead of reopening already resolved ones, provided that this option is turned on.
  • Offering items marked as free are enabled for customer tenants with unlimited quota.

  • Free provisioned offering items will not be enabled for a customer if the same items are listed as paid in the customer recurring invoice.

  • Free provisioned offering items do not appear in customer’s recurring invoice.

  • "Internal error" message is shown when a partner with Cyber Protect disabled tries to enable product mapping.
  • Product mapping wizard does not offer automatic service name mapping for offering items. MSPs have to explicitly choose a service for every offering item they want to map.
  • MSPs can map offering items to price book items as long as they are not of the "special item" type. HaloPSA does not allow adding such price book items to additional charges section of the agreements.
  • Saving changes for two sections at the same time results in an error on the integration settings page.
  • HaloPSAintegration is not compatible with other PSA plugins. The plugin cannot be activated if the Acronis partner account has another active PSA integration.