Build 2051February 25, 2019

With this update, Acronis APS package offers enhancements and stability improvements and addresses issues found in the previous releases.

What's New

  • Support for Odin Automation 8.0
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud. New resources:
    • Disaster Recovery storage
    • Compute points
    • Cloud Servers
    • Internet Access
    • Public IP Addresses
  • Public cloud storage. New resources:
    • Google Hosted storage
    • Microsoft Azure Hosted storage
  • New Acronis Data Cloud 7.8U2 resources:
    • Office 365 Mailboxes
    • Office 365 OneDrive
    • Office 365 SharePoint Sites
    • Web Hosting Servers
  • Resource usage synchronization with Acronis Data Cloud

Fixed issues

  • [APSOB-4707] Link to download agent is not personified.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Direct upgrade to version 2051 is supported only from versions 1994, 1997 and 2007. If you have a version less than 1994 installed, you need to update to 1994 prior to updating to 2051.
  • PHP 5.6 only is supported.
  • In case you are using OSA 7.x and the current version of Acronis APS is lower than 1884, please involve Odin to the update and refer to
  • Odin Automation 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 are no longer supported.
  • Provisioning of new subscriptions will fail after upgrade to 1327+ version if service templates do not include all required resources. Please refer to Post-upgrade actions in the Deployment Guide for additional information.
  • [APSOB-5489] Unable to change quota for a service user with unlimited quota.
  • [APSOB-5452] After upgrade, WebHostingServers quota is set to zero for a reseller even if embedded subscriptions exist where WebHostingServers quota is more than zero.
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