Release notes for Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud

Release date: 25-Dec-2016
Build: 624
OVF: 145

AMS: 50058


With Update 6, the Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud offers enhancements and addresses issues found in the previous releases.

What's new in Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud Update 6

The updated version of the product includes the following new features:

§  Support for VMware vCloud Director 8.1

Fixed issues

This section describes issues that have been fixed in Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud.

§  Security fixes for web console

§  [VCLOUD-6319] Recover VM doesn't work if vCloud Director domain name contains string "vdc"

§  [VCLOUD-6350] Web console does not works if acrocmd temp directory is full

§  [VCLOUD-6354] Cannot download file backup from web console using Chrome browser

§  [VCLOUD-6364] Update list of supported VMware vCloud Director versions in help

§  [ABR-113076] Updating Acronis Backup Storage Node hangs at removing duplicate files.

§  [ABR-113725] StorageServer.exe crashes during a validation of a deduplicating vault with a corrupted datastore.

§  [ABR-113880] Acronis Backup Management Server service does not start after a Windows reboot.

§  [ABR-108740] The ClientConnectionLimit registry value is reset to default after updating Acronis Backup Storage Node.

§  ABR-109360] Automatic reattempts in case of a network disconnection do not work during a backup to an SFTP server.

§  [ABR-107904] Recovery of a 2 TB+ dynamic LDM/LVM volume to an empty non-initialized disk may result in initializing the target disk as MBR instead of GPT and in reducing the recovered volume size to 2 TB.

§  [ABR-102788] Browsing a vault takes too long if the vault is located on a network share accessible via both NFS and SMB.

§  [ABR-102152] During a disk-level backup of a volume that contains a huge amount of files (around 100 million), processing the source files exclusion takes too long. The issue occurs even if no exclusions are specified by the user, i.e. when only the default exclusions are applied. As a result, the backup task hangs at 20%.

§  [ABR-100808] Acronis Managed Machine Service starts slower than expected due to excessive usage of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

§  [ABR-110002] During a consolidation or a replication in a deduplicating vault, service_process.exe on Acronis Backup Storage Node consumes too much RAM.

§  [ABR-109044] While indexing huge (8 TB+) backups stored in a deduplicating vault, Acronis Backup Storage Node consumes too much memory.

§  [ABR-107435] Incremental backups saved to a personal vault append to a wrong full backup if the vault contains more than one full backup and a consolidation was performed earlier.

§  [ABR-104614] When replicating backups between vaults managed by different storage nodes, the replication activity does not show the progress.

§  [ABR-104102] When backing up a huge (>2 TB) virtual machine to a deduplicating vault, service_process.exe on Virtual Appliance may crash.

§  [ABR-102653] If a centralized backup plan is applied to two or more machines, subactivities are duplicated as separate activities in the plan details.

§  [ABR-98809] When multiple backup deletion or consolidation activities are executed simultaneously, the storage node service is deadlocked.

§  [ABR-98793] A validation of an encrypted deduplicating vault fails if the vault contents were exported from another encrypted deduplicating vault created by Acronis Backup 11.5.

§  [ABR-96509] After a network share was accessed by using net use from the machine with Acronis Backup Storage Node, creating a managed vault on the network share fails. The following error appears: "Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed…"

§  [ABR-96090] In some cases, Acronis Backup Management Server crashes.

§  [ABR-89456] Simultaneous backups of several virtual machines to a managed vault hang.

§  [ABR-89440] If the backup consolidation is disabled in the retention rules of a backup plan, Acronis Backup Storage Node nevertheless consolidates backups instead of marking them for deletion.

§  [ABR-70274] Validation of archives stored in an encrypted deduplicating vault is too slow.

§  [ABR-85612] An LVM volume that occupies an entire disk of a virtual machine is not shown in the acrocmd list content command output if the backup of this machine was created by Agent for VMware.

§  [ABR-85413] VMware vCenter integration enabled on Acronis Backup Management Server may incorrectly reflect the changes in the vSphere infrastructure if some of the virtual machines have vSphere annotations specified in the following format: <value 1><space character>=<space character><value 2>.

Known issues

This section describes known issues and provides solutions.

§  [VCLOUD-1906] Internet Explorer 8 shows web pages incorrectly.

Solution: Use Internet Explorer 9 or later, or a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

§  [VCLOUD-1910] A virtual machine becomes not protected after moving it to another vApp.

Solution: Apply the same backup plan to the virtual machine again. The reason for this issue is that moving the virtual machine to another vApp changes the machine identification in vCloud Director and the machine becomes a new one for Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud.

§  [VCLOUD-2686] If Acronis Management Server is not accessible, a virtual machine is not removed from the backup plan on the management server after deleting the virtual machine from vCloud Director.

Solution: Re-apply the same backup plan to the virtual machine, and then revoke it again.