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Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup

Microsoft Windows Server

Key Features

Ensure Business Continuity

Acronis Instant Restore

With a few clicks, reduce RTOs to seconds by running any physical or virtual Windows system backup as VMware or Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) without standby hardware.

Acronis Universal Restore

Minimize expensive downtime by restoring Windows servers to dissimilar hardware, including bare-metal physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

Bare-Metal Recovery

Minimize expensive downtime and simplify recovery by restoring your entire Windows server from reliable and proven disk-image backups with no need to reinstall the operating system, applications, or reconfigure settings.

Remote Recovery

Reduce RTOs of remote Windows servers by accessing bootable media and restoring bare-metal servers remotely via wide-area networks (WAN).

Automated Recovery

Reduce the RTOs of your Windows servers by customizing the bootable media with scripting to automate and orchestrate recovery.

Enhanced Validation in a Sandbox Environment

Ensure the success of your Windows server recovery by validating backup content with checksum, validating recoverability by automatically running the backup as a VM, and performing service availability checks with pre-defined and custom scripts.

Scale as Your Business Grows

Customizable Dashboards

Reduce remediation time and resolve issues quickly with customizable dashboards that provide quick insights into your infrastructure.

Role-based Administrative Access

Manage, delegate, and establish roles for multiple administrators to protect remote offices, branch offices, and departments.

Advanced Reporting

Improve resiliency with regular, customizable reports that focus on the exceptions in your infrastructure.

Reduce IT Workload and Costs

Disk-Imaging Backup

Protect your business with complete and reliable backup images of your entire Windows server, files, or data. Easily recover a complete image or selected files, folders, items, and applications.

Centralized Web Management Console

Reduce IT’s workload with a touch friendly, web-based management console that you can access from any device, including tablets.

Easy Granular Recovery

Improve IT productivity by restoring folders, files, databases, documents, mailboxes, and individual emails directly from your complete image backup and enjoy granular recovery of Oracle databases, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Stop Ransomware Attacks and Ensure File Integrity

Acronis Active Protection

Protect your Windows server from ransomware attacks with Active Protection, which proactively detects and prevents suspicious changes to data, backup files, and the Acronis Backup 12.5 application itself, while eliminating the need and time required to recover your data.
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Acronis Notary

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of backups by storing backup file checksum certificates in the blockchain database and detect unauthorized changes to your backups before you recover.
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Acronis ASign

Verify the authenticity of your files by digitally capturing electronic signatures on a backed-up document and generating unique certificates that contain images of the signatures, timestamps, and other information.

Improve Business Resiliency

Hybrid Infrastructure Protection

Mitigate risks and follow data protection best practices by backing up Windows Server installed on physical servers, virtual machines, and in cloud instances. Any-to-any migration between different platforms, including cloud, makes it easy to evolve your business.

Multiple Backup Destinations

Store your backups in up to five different locations — both locally and in the cloud — and combine a variety of storage types (local disks, attached storage, tape, network storage, centralized deduplicated disk storage, and cloud locations) to minimize your costs and provide multiple recovery options in the case of disaster.

Tape Drives, Autoloaders, and Tape Libraries

Satisfy regulatory requirements and disaster recovery needs by storing backups on local or central tape devices with support for media management, tape rotation, and retention rules.

Acronis Cloud Storage

Ensure recovery of your Windows servers and control the location of your backed-up data by choosing one of 14+ secure and reliable Acronis Cloud Data Centers.

Off-Host Operations

Reduce production machine loads by performing select activities — such as backup staging (moving), replication (copying), validation, and retention (cleanup) — on a different system.